Chapter twenty six

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Caught just before leaving the school Y/n is dragged back to Mr Conner's classroom. Bts are once again forced to wait outside. There seems to be even bigger bags under Mr Conner's eyes, his sloppy and his hair is slovenly. His skin is patchy, dry yet also oily, and his eyes are bloodshot. He motions for Y/n to take a seat, and she does.

"Why were you leaving the school?" He questions clearly irritable, before Y/n could answer he continues, "I clearly left a note on your homework to see me after class and you ignore it? I'm disappointed in you Y/n."  Panicked Y/n asks him confused, "what note?" She rummages through her bag pulling out the homework given to her by Namjoon, but there is no note found. Y/n even checks the bottom of her bag and once again comes up with nothing.

Mr Conner feels like he's being antagonised by those new students, he resentfully slams his fist on his desk, Y/n flinches at the loud bang, "damn it! That kid must have thrown the note away. Y/n I am telling you those guys do not have your best interest at heart. Why else would they make you skip my lessons? Why would they throw away our notes in an attempt to mislead you? They don't care about you!"

Y/n doesn't know what to say to calm him down, the more he talks about Bts the more he seems to spiral down, sensing this Y/n shifts uncomfortably in her seat.

Mr Conner continues rambling, "I've never led you astray before! I was always the one there for you, when no one trusted what you said I stayed by your side, who gave you a place to belong and relax? Me. I did. Y/n you have to trust me when I say to break it off with those boys. They are messing with you and pulling you away from the bigger picture. I'm the one with your best interest at heart. Look, would a good guy throw away a note from the only teacher who is good to you in this school?"

Thinking about it carefully Y/n does find it strange that she never got the note, and he seems pretty adamant Namjoon threw it away. Namjoon never said anything about it. However it could've easily fallen off without Namjoon even noticing it. Not to mention all of Bts know how serious she is about school, why would they purposely stop her from getting a small note when she takes everything so seriously. But they do have a strange dislike towards Mr Conner. So Y/n is on the fence on who to believe.

That's when a bright yellow sticky note that's sticking out from under some papers on Mr Conner's desk, catches Y/n's eye. Feeling the urge to pull it out she does so. Flipping it over she sees the writing on the note, 'Y/n see me after school to talk about you skipping class -Mr Conner'

Relief fills Y/n's heart as she realises she was right and that Namjoon was an innocent party, and that this is all just a big misunderstanding, "is this the note? It was under some papers on your desk," Y/n asks, showing Mr Conner the paper, he snatches it from her hands and reads it over, he was too stunned to speak, "...uh yeah this is the note? But I checked my desk and it wasn't there before. I'm sure of it..."

What was once relief of Namjoons innocence, and slight fear of Mr Conner's attitude, now turned into genuine worry, Y/n cautiously and softly asks, "Mr Conner are you okay? When was the last time you slept properly?" Still a little confused he looks up at Y/n as her question slowly registers in his brain. He looks at Y/n angrily, saying through gritted teeth, "I know what I saw, I know what I did, I definitely gave Namjoon that note!"

Just when Y/n doesn't know what to do, and looks at the door, Bts make their entrance, Mr Conner rudely calls out to Namjoon interrogating him, "Hey! Kid! I gave you that note to give to Y/n, why is it on my desk?" Namjoon brow furrows in confusion, asking innocently, "what note? You only asked me to give her her homework."

"STOP LYING!" Mr Conner jumps to his feet, his chair toppling over behind him. Before he could stand up for too long a wave of dizziness hits him, forcing him to stop in his tracks and support himself with the wall. "Mr Conner! Can someone go get a teacher?" Y/n calls out, overcome with worry, Jin reluctantly goes.

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