Chapter 26

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Tessa laid her head on the hard wall, her face was stained with tears and she was exhausted. Valentine had thrown her in a blood-stained cell. She had been in there for a week now, no food or water. Just plain torture. 

She heard footsteps making her glance up. "The hell do you want now?"

"He didn't tell me he was going to hurt you," Benjamin sighed. "I swear. He said he'd take your hidden memories but he never told me how much it would hurt."

"Well it does. You here to gloat?"

"I'm sorry, Tessa," he frowned. "This was the only way I could have you. You didn't leave me a choice."

"You did have a choice. You could have left me and my family alone," she snarled. 

His jaw ticked and his hands formed a fist, his mouth twitched, as if he wanted to say something to her but stopped himself. 

"No, no I didn't," he whispered before walking away.

Tessa groaned softly, her head was pounding and her sight was blur.  She could feel the blood trickling down her nose and her back stung from the whips her dearest uncle had given her. 

She could feel her stele in the pocket of her jeans and the thought to call out for her friends occurred to her. All she wanted was for Aaron to hold her and tell her that she was okay, for Klaus and Elijah to keep all the dangers away. She just wanted Damon to make her pancakes.

 She just wanted her friends. 

But then her son's face flashed in her mind. And she knew she couldn't have what she wanted, she couldn't put him in danger. If getting tortured every single day for the rest of her miserable life kept her son safe, kept all her friends safe, she would do it with a smile on her face.

She heard footsteps again after what felt like hours making her groan in annoyance. 

"What?" she snapped at Valentine who was standing in front of her with a smug expression.

"You never told me about my little grand nephew," he cooed. 

Tessa froze. No, no, no. 

"Don't you dare-."

"Don't worry. I won't hurt him. A lot," he smiled at her.

"No-. Please no."

"Maybe I'll cut his arm off," he wondered out loud. "Maybe I'll just fry his head like I did to you."

"I will kill you," she growled. "I will fucking kill you."

"Aw, honey. What are you going to me sitting all helpless and weak in that cell of yours."

"You ever heard of the originals?" She asked, leaning back.

"The Original vampires?"

"Yes. Well, I'm friends with them. And let's just say they won't be very happy about-," she looked around the cell before looking at him with a fake pout. "Any of this. Especially the thing about hurting James."

He bent down to her height, pulling her hair roughly and bringing her face closer. Tessa held back a smirk when she saw fear flicker in his eyes. "No one is coming to save you, Theresa. Not your friends, not your dearest baby daddy, and definitely not the original vampires. You are nothing."

You are nothing. 

Tessa gasped awake when she saw a blinding light and a vision of a rune she had never seen flash in front of her. 

Her hands went to her jeans and she smiled, bringing her stele out. She quickly drew the rune on her arm.

She took a shaky breath when she felt an unimaginable amount of power course through her body. 

She lifted her palm and the second she did, the cell blasted open. 

Tessa let out a breathless chuckle.

Her eyes snapped to Valentine and Benjamin when she heard their booming footsteps, followed by the other Circle members. They were all looking at with shocked expressions.

She smirked at t hem before lifting her palm and throwing Valentine across the room. "Do not threaten my son again. Ever."

She turned to Benjamin and lifted her palm, but before she could do anything, he was pinned to the wall by Aaron, a vervain dart in his neck.

"Where the fucking hell is she?" Aaron growled, Klaus, Elijah, Damon and Stefan were fighting with the Circle member. 

"I'm- I'm right here," Tessa waved at them making them look at her. They let out a sigh of relief before their eyes darkened at her appearance. She had blood stained clothes, she had become skinnier than she already was, her eyes had bags and she had cuts and bruises everywhere. 

Klaus' veins formed on his face before he sped off to Valentine and ripped his head off. 

"I will kill you," Aaron muttered before tightening his hold on Benjamin.

"No, stop," Tessa called out making them look at her with confusion. 

"I want to be the one to kill him," her eyes darkened as she glared at him. Aaron smirked before grabbing Benjamin by his collar and throwing him in front of Tessa.

She bent down to his height, gripping his chin and making him look up at her. His eyes were wide, fear evident in them as he tried to plead her to let him go. To show him kindness.

And Tessa did want to let him go. She did not want to kill him. That was not her - she didn't hurt people. She forgave them, she was kind. But she could not find it in herself to be kind to him. She could not bring herself to forgive him after everything he did to her family.

He threatened James. He tried to kill him and Aaron. He made her stay away from her child for a year.

"Please. Theresa, please."

"No," she said looking at him blankly. "You tried to hurt my son."

She dug her hand in his chest, her hand wrapped around his heart. She could feel his heart beating fast, his breaths becoming ragged. 

And the part that disgusted her the most was that she liked it. She loved the feeling of having his life in her hands, of having the power over him. She loved seeing him hurt. 

"Never underestimate a mother, Benjamin. We're the most dangerous thing there is."

And she ripped out his heart. And smiled at the blood. 

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