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        THE QUINJET SOARED ABOVE THICK FOG and around low mountains, the sun peaking over one of them in the distance. It was truly a beautiful sight. But taking out a phone to take a picture seemed a bit inappropriate given the situation at had. Jordan stood near Nat's seat as she looked into the horizon.

She never imagined herself standing were she stood. Next to part of the Avengers even if half of them were currently wanted criminals. The mere thought of the possibility of fighting along their side sent shivers down her spine. She rarely used her powers. Most of the times she would sit in her room and throw a flame ball in the air and catch it as it were a regular rubber ball. Or when Peter asked for her help or company during one of his night patrols.

Steve gave Sam, who was on the pilots seat, coordinates to the place he had suggested before. The quinjet lowered into the tree lines making Jordan's grip on Nat's seat tighten. She looked around and nobody seemed to be concerned that they were about to crash into the forest which made her feel both anxious and embarrassed. She closed her eyes anyways and look down before the approach. After a few seconds she still felt the air craft flying and slowly opened her eyes. She was met with a large hidden city. And only one place came to mind.

"Are we in Wakanda?" Jordan breathed out in shock.

"Yup." Steve answered with his eyes still on the city.

Ever since Wakanda announced themselves to the world, it was a subject to talk about during history class in school. But being there in person was simply another experience than listening about it in class. Peter would've loved this, she thought.

"Hey." Jordan turned around and was faced with Rhodey. He reached into the pocket of his jacket and held a closed fist at her direction. She furrowed her eyebrows and opened her palm and he placed a small object in her hand. "I'm guessing you're the girl with the fire powers Tony was talking about a few months go. He made you this."

She looked the the ring he had given her. "A ring?"

"Your suit."

"My suit?" She asked out loud.

"Yeah, I'm not really sure how to activate it either but you'll figure it out, hopefully." He said.

Jordan was left even more confused as she fiddled with the golden ring in her hand. It seemed a bit to big for her but she slipped it on her right ring finger anyway. To her surprise, the ring had shrunk and fit perfectly on her finger. That's Stark technology for you.

Tony Stark. He'd made her a suit that would probably resist her powers. And she was grateful for it.

The quinjet made its way near the center of the city before slowly making its descend on a platform. Everyone on board got up from the seats and gathered their things as the ramp opened. Nat squeezed Jordan's arm before joining Steve up front. The teenage girl grabbed her backpack and followed behind Bruce and Rhodey. "Should we bow?" The former said.

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