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"Dad can you take Zora and give us a moment" she looked at her dad, I was confused because I thought we were on the same page. My heart was beating faster than it ever beaten before.

"Dawn, I- I don't know what to say. I'm surprised?" She started, I sat back on the couch and just stayed quiet with my arms crossed.

"I mean, I do love you..."

"But..." I cut her off rolling my eyes, I stood up and grabbed my coat that I have taken off earlier.

"Wait! Dawn!" She got up and tried to follow me, I looked at my arm where her hand has grabbed me.

"Look when you fuckin get over yourself and drop that fat ego of yours, you know where to find me..." I was frustrated, so much things were going through my head. I thought she loved me, I thought she'll make effort for our child. She knows I'll always love her, and always choose her over anyone. But not this time, I chose my kid.

"What's wrong?" Mr. Black asked, I picked up Zora and put her over my shoulders. She put her hands on my hair so she won't fall back.

"Go ask your daughter, I'm taking my kid with me until she gets out of the hospital" I said in a cold voice, I grabbed the bag with Zora's things and went to the parking lot where Lee was waiting.

"How did it go!" She asked and I didn't answer her,

"From the look of it, it didn't go as you thought it would" she whispered with a grimace on her face. I sighed and buckled Zora up in the back seat.

"She said it was too early..." I stared the car, there was a ping in my heart that hurt so bad, the rejection and the humiliation...

"You see Lee, I don't fuckin understand her. One day she wants me and the next she's not ready!!" I whispered yelled,

"Look Dawn, just give the woman sometime. She went through shit before you came back so she's probably confused. Just wait for her to come to you" she said patting my shoulder,

"What if she's too late..." I whispered feeling a tear on my cheek.

I parked my car in front of the mansion and picked up Zora. I have decided to wait for Maze to tell her about me because obviously she trusts her mom.

"What do you want to eat?" I asked her, Lee helped her sit on one of the chairs and I leaned on the counter waiting for her to think of an answer.

"Hmmm ice cream!" She yelled excited, I chuckled.

"You can't eat ice cream for lunch, honey" I explained and went to the fridge to find somethings to cook. Staying at Kim's in Korea had taught me to cook things when I had nothing else to do.


It's been over a week and I'm still hesitant to talk to Dawn, I was embarrassed at first and then busy with work and I didn't really have time. Zora would stay the whole week with me and on Friday Dawn will pick her up so she can take her out and spend time with her, then on Sunday she'll drive her to my house.

"Ms Black, these papers are for you?" My secretary said handing them to me.

"What are they for?" I asked,

"Court papers" she replied, why would I get court papers? I opened and started to read the first paragraph when my eyes almost popped out of their sockets. I quickly grabbed my phone and dialed her number.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing Dawn?!" I yelled,

"Good morning to you too" she replied smugly,

"What do you mean you wanna take my kid?! Are you insane?" The papers said that since Dawn is the biological father of Zora she's allowed to take her kid, if the kid is willing to go with her.

"I do not agree on this! She's not going with you!" I was pacing around the office, confused and frustrated not really knowing what to do.

"you mean our kid. I didn't say I'll leave forever, Zora wanted to go to Disney land and I offered to take her but obviously I knew you'll react like I'm kidnapping my own child so obviously, my lawyer gave me a permit from the court. Unless you wanna go with us love" she whispered the last part.

"Look if this is because I wasn't ready for your marriage proposal then I'm sorry Dawn, I was just confused and scared. I-" I tried to explain but she cut me off.

"Don't worry about it love, I'm not mad at you. You can take your time, I'm just choosing my kid over you for now. You are an adult and you know what you want, I can't tell you what to do....." When I didn't reply she said goodbye and hang up the phone.

I looked out the window to find the grey clouds filling the once blue sky. It was starting to rain, I remembered how she took care of me and loved me. When I was sick or being a bitch to her or to anyone. She'll hold me when I cry and comfort me and make me feel like I'm worth it. I remember how she treats our kid with love even though she didn't know she was hers. Realization hit me, you only find your soulmate once in a lifetime and I can't lose her. I grabbed the small ring box she gave me from my drawer and grabbed my coat.

"Krista! Cancel all my meetings for today!" I yelled to my secretary and run out the door, it was Friday and she's most likely at home.

I forgot to take an umbrella this morning so when I get to her house I'll have to run to the door. I got in the car and drove off.

The road was slippery since it was just the beginning of a rain storm. So I had to be more careful.

I was almost there, probably five minutes away. One more stop light and I'll be at her house to tell her how sorry I am and how much I love her and that I'm ready to be with her.

I looked up at the orange light and smiled, I can make it before it turns red. I pressed on the gas and I smiled when went before it turned red.

I heard a loud horn coming from my side and I didn't even have time to react when my car was hit. It went rolling and I was feeling pain everywhere, I was making sure not to lose the ring box in my hand. I couldn't ignore the pain in my head and the liquid blinding my vision.

I could hear screaming and sirens coming, I tired to stay conscious but everything was getting darker by the second. The last thing I saw was Dawn trying to reach me through the window.


I am sorry... 😔


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