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request:  Hey, how are you? ^^ Could you please write something about Luka getting over his feelings for Marinette and falling in love into someone else? I suggest Jason, but you can chose who.

Luka felt his smile stretch over his face painfully as Marinette gushed about Damian, once again.

It's not that he didn't like Damian; it's more because he was jealous. Luka had been in love with Marinette for years and not once had she acknowledged his feelings.

She probably didn't know about them, but it didn't change the fact that seeing her date Damian (and be happy with him), hurt.

A lot.

And Luka was by no means self-loathing and it was because of this, he decided that he was going to get over Marinette.

Obviously, it was not going to be an easy process considering the fact that Luka had been in love with her for years, but he was going to try anyway.

»»————-  ————-««

Almost a year later, Luka could safely say he wasn't in love with Marinette anymore. Instead, he had a small crush on her, and that was a sure sign of the amount of progress he had made. Plus, crushes were manageable.

But of course, things also changed over that course of time and now, Luka had a new (best?) friend.

Jason Todd.

If an individual happened to look upon the two boys, they seemed like complete opposites; it was almost impossible to imagine them together, getting along.

Luka was the introverted-but-cute, bisexual guy and Jason was the seemingly extroverted, hot, also bisexual guy.

But here they were; close friends who face-timed frequently in order to maintain their long-distance platonic relationship.

And that was how Luka found himself boarding a private jet to America (along with Marinette, because how could she pass up the chance to meet Damian?) and pulling up to the enormous and yet elegant structure of Wayne Manor where he would be spending the entirety of his two-and-a-half-months summer vacation.

As soon as he and Marinette entered the main foyer, each of them were engulfed into enthusiastic hugs by two of the occupants of the Manor.

Luka inhaled Jason's tangy scent as he wrapped his arms around his friend, elated and finally meeting his friend in the flesh.

After they separated, Jason quickly introduced Luka to the rest of his family before dragging Luka up to his room to catch up.

»»————-  ————-««

Jason was feverish with excitement. His best friend who he may or may not have a crush on was finally here!

Luka let out a low whistle when he saw Jason's room and Jason flushed a little. It was more than nerve-wracking for his crush and best friend to see his most personal belongings. It was like showing Luka a closed part of himself.

Clearing his throat of the lump that had developed, Jason gestured extravagantly. "Make yourself comfortable."

The two of them spent the next hours conversing and exchanging news.

Unfortunately, their little bubble popped when Alfred knocked on Jason's door, calling them for dinner.

»»————-  ————-««

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