Chapter 44

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And time went by like a trickle.

In the second month after becoming aware of her previous life, she was saddened and buried her face in her pillow as she lost an entire month because she participated in a jousting contest for the first time in her life and even collapsed.

“Damn it…”

“Oh, wow! Duchess, that’s such a vulgar word to say!”

Upon hearing the news of the Duchess’s recovery, the Emperor and Ereina sent an invitation to the Imperial Palace ball. Thanks to what she said, Anna, who was tidying up her dresses, turned around in surprise at the words she heard.

“What are you saying? Aren’t you the one who knows all kinds of swear words when you do the laundry alone by yourself?” Juliana said, gently rubbing her cheek against the pillow.

“Oh, how did you know?”

Anna was startled by the remark. Juliana, who was watching her reaction, giggled as she said, “You really do curse. You look like a hamster.”

“Who, who looks like a hamster? No. …what’s a hamster anyway?”

Anna stopped tidying up her dresses as she felt resentful.

They were stuck together for nearly three months, so the boundaries between the servant and the employer were broken, and they even played tricks on each other.

Juliana, who had thrown her worries away for a while, giggled at Anna.

“Nothing much. It means a pet rat.”

“…rat, rat?! I’m a rat? Duchess, what a terrible thing you’re talking about. Didn’t I tell you the story of my hometown house? My home is a farm, and it’s always been my job every morning to kill all those damn rats because they always ate the grain. Knowing such sad circumstances, the Duchess—.”

“That’s a fratricidal war.”


Anna pouted her mouth. Juliana struggled to get on her feet, pretending not to know the sulky little maid.


“What’s wrong?” Anna said as she looked at her peculiar figure.

“Are you sure I’ve been sick for a month?”

“You really don’t remember. Yes. Let’s see! The damn Empire’s winter is coming to an end, right?”

“I hate spring the most.”

“I like spring, isn’t it the best?”

“…you don’t lose a word. Little hamster…”

“Oh my God!”

Anna gave strength to her cheeks, as if filling her cheeks with sunflower seeds.

“Why on earth do you hate spring? You’ve been saying strange things since this morning.”

“It’s because it’s the time when the real heroine appears.”


Anna, who took out all her winter dresses and was putting in the dresses suitable for the changing season, turned around.

Juliana, on the other hand, sadly murmured, gazing wonderfully at the young girl who had always performed well.

“…I don’t know. I’m screwed. In this way, I got into the original story. My extra flower path… My water garden flower path is all ruined…”

“You’re in a bad state today. Would you like me to call the doctor?”

“Mochi! I can’t believe you said such a harsh thing to a noble lady.”

Juliana gave a vehement reply. Then she sniffed as she leaned against the bed.

“…no, no. Yeah. It’s all my fault. This is all because the Duke husband is handsome… And with that handsome, pretty mouth, he told me that I’m the prettiest in the world… It’s natural that I am pretty. But why can’t I come to my senses when my good-looking husband is telling me that I’m pretty?”

“Well, isn’t that because the Duchess’s heart was shaken?” Anna replied proudly, thinking that she had finally understood something.

Juliana glanced at Anna, who was fearless, and answered, “I know. Hamster.”

Juliana, who had dismissed the angry words of Anna, soon fell into a melancholic thought.

The heroine will be here in a month. She’ll show up then. Moreover, she’ll appear from the Emerald Lake of the Hilchen family… But when I think about it, the wet woman appeared in the backyard of the Duke’s mansion, right? Oh, my God…


“Huh! Duchess. It used to be weird, but nowadays, it’s even weirder.”

“…I don’t know. I’m stuck in the original story. Now I have no choice but to be firm and keep my place.”


Anna, filled with wonder, started to belittle again, saying, “May our Duchess be strange.”

Soon after, when she asked, “Why do you say such weird things so often?” to see if the Duchess came to her senses, Juliana threw the pillow in the air. She wasn’t even hit, but Anna was good at falling down with a moaning sound.

“Oh! The maid is beaten to death!”

“Hey! How can you say that?!”

Juliana couldn’t even attack her and was so sullen that she covered herself with a blanket. Juliana, who was bragging, soon fell into remorse.

I’m afraid the Bribery Servant 1 is such a fake hamster. Real hamsters are cute, at least!

Whether or not, the plot in the novel was moving forward.

A month later, the real heroine of the novel will appear in the Emerald Lake owned by the Duke of Hilchen. In the original story, she is praised by all the characters. This is because the so-called ‘The String of Fate’ was also a novel with the tendency to ‘focus on the heroine’.

“I can’t stand to see it.”

Juliana’s eyes shone. 

Since she had fallen a little bit into the fluttering of the male lead, the time has come for ‘this’ Juliana Auburn, who died in the early stages of the original novel, to start working properly.

Like it or not, it was inevitable.

* * *

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