CHAPTER 59 - Of Reunions (Part I)

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Author's note copied from Google:
The name NOVA means "new," stemming from the Latin word "novus" of the same definition... It is also the name given to a star that beams with sudden and increasing brightness after exploding with a burst of energy, making it a name fitting any child destined to make their mark on the world.


Light and only light... pure, clean, bright and hopeful.

With a deafening golden explosion, the once simple chair was now the size of a dragon, revealing its true rudimentary form - The Throne of the Four Realms.

Dazzling golden crust sparkled in the glow of the pink sunrise. Hallowed inscriptions were etched all over the Throne, in a language that was now lost to the world, but if the ancient books were to be believed, they were the names of all the Conquerors chosen decade after decade since the very beginning.

Rustic latticework of red and white and blue and green decked the headrest. Below on the back were riveted four crystals - Ruby, Emerald, Diamond and Sapphire; their enthralling glow made me squint my eyes. Mounted on each of the wide arm-rests were two colossal flowers, as if made from crystallized pearls, their fragrance spread and it was nothing but... therapeutic. Red silken curtains hung from the sides, breezing idly with the winter breeze. On the seat, were sequined blue pillows, seeming soft, furry and snowy. And a thick carpet of velvety green moss rolled from the Throne and halted right where the chosen Conqueror was kneeled.

But his back faced the sanctity.

And I felt just what he did. While everyone kneeled to the Throne, I didn't have it in me to oblige. The way Neo had been sucked into oblivion... and realizing that was exactly what he had planned for me, made my faith in it waver. Wasn't human sacrifice abominable? Would the Throne have just sucked me and wiped my existence... in the blink of an eye? I had only the people around me, and my own self, to thank for my safety.

A scream rang around. The branded one's.

The Throne was at work, and I suddenly wished I were miles away. A tremor of elements shook the whole world, sending a message to the old and young, across the seas and land, that the next Conqueror was branded.

A wide ring of dried and fresh leaves, wet soil and dust formed around Nova, while he sat there enraged. Another ring rippled around him noisily like a waterfall's melody, waving in bluish frosty circles, and I hugged myself as the cold reached an all time high in the already cold Realm. Before everyone froze to death, flames of red fire lashed out from the Throne, and blazed over the blue girdle, crackling like logs of firewood in a hearth. Lastly, a massive lightning struck from the skies and twirled itself in another circle, completing the set of four rings of elements. A gift. A boon. A blessing.

With another explosion, the rings shriveled and penetrated the dazed-looking Conqueror, and the brightness fizzled out as if it we had all dreamt it. The carpet of moss still awaited him... Nova was supposed to take his seat on the Throne, but he was broken and... mourning.

A man hurriedly walked past, reaching Nova. Lord Orlon.

He crouched down and spoke to him, gently patting his back. After a silent haul, Nova raised his haunted eyes and slowly nodded. Lord Orlon helped him stand up. I watched the previous High King walk ahead, holding a golden crown in his hand. He placed it on Nova's head and clutched his arms, pushing some of his own strength into him. And I wished they'd just leave him alone... but he had responsibilities.

I looked around the plateau. All the royal warriors, Orella's friends sobbing, stunned and unmoving. Hollow-it was all hollow. Ralph and Una held Orella's lifeless body. My cheeks were still damp, recalling what the devil had said - Amelia was supposed to be where Orella had been. She was the reason Amelia was safe somewhere. The need to meet my sister, to see her with my own eyes rose like never before. My head bowed in deep gratitude for the fallen angel.

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