I'll Keep That In Mind, Doll

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*You wake up throughout the night to feed Winnie.. just spending time with your girl. Bucky wakes up with you at 5am and holds you while you feed her.. once you put her down Bucky takes you in his arms and looks down at you.*
Bucky- do you remember how we got started doing all this??
*You laugh and look up at him*
Y/N- yeah! Do you?!
Bucky- oh yeah! *He chuckles and kisses you*

*You are tied to your bed... literally! You mouthed off to Winter and instead of punishing you in the way you had hoped he would, he decided to deny you all together... there is a knock on the door*
Y/N- not like I can open it if I wanted to!
*There is a dark chuckle and then the door opens. You see it's Winter, he walks in and closes the door. You stare up at the ceiling as he walks over. He sits on the edge of your bed and you face away from him... he speaks*
Bucky- so what did you do??
*You whip your face around and you see a smile, Bucky*
Y/N- Bucky?!?
*He laughs and nods... he leans down and kisses you*
Bucky- so what did you do??
*You roll your eyes*
Y/N- I got a little mouthy in hopes that Winter would- *You look at Bucky... he is smiling, he remembers what you did* oh you're- no, I'm not giving you the satisfaction.. *You turn away from him again and yank at your hands that are still tied up*
*Bucky chuckles and crawls over you.. he boxes you in and stares into your eyes.*
Bucky- come on... admit it, you wanted me...
*You smile*
Y/N- I don't know what you're talking about...
*Bucky smirks and leans down... he kisses you and then speaks against your lips*
Bucky- Winter said "I know you're being a brat so I'll fuck you... you just can't get enough of Sergeant's cock... starving for it"
And then you said "I'm on a diet... besides I can fuck myself better than you can" so then Winter said "let's see how well you can fuck yourself while You're tied up... you'll be begging for Sergeant before the night ends"
*You smirk, you thought that would have sent him over the edge but instead he decided to be petty*
Y/N- I stand by what I said.. *You lean up and kiss him.. he laughs*
Bucky- just admit that Sergeant is the only one who can fuck you properly and I'll release you..
Y/N- Nope!
*Bucky laughs and sits up... he starts to undress and you can't help but drool at the sight of his body. He is so fucking hot, his abs are sweaty and dirty, from training earlier. His muscles are on full display as he crawls back over you. He leans down and kisses your breast through your shirt*
Bucky- say the words y/n...
Y/N- not a chance Bucky...
*He smiles and kisses down your body.. he kisses your clit through your pants... you try not to moan... Bucky smirks*
Bucky- that feel good y/n
Y/N- Mmhmm
Bucky- come on y/n... I wanna treat you, not punish you..
Y/N- I'm not giving Sergeant the satisfaction of being right!
*Bucky laughs and meets your gaze*
Bucky- so he was right... *Bucky teases as he slips his hand down your pants*
Y/N- Mmhmm oh fuck!
*Bucky teases your clit with his metal fingers... the cold feeling sends a shiver through your body*
Bucky- come on... I won't tell him *He winks* it'll be our little secret Doll
*You moan, this is the first time he's ever called you Doll... that's it, you give! You need your hands on this man and more importantly his hands on you*
Y/N- yes he was right! Mmhmm he's always right! You are the only one who can-
*Bucky silences you with a kiss as he unties your hands. He pulls you up and into his arms*
Bucky- you don't have to finish that sentence Doll, I know what you mean.
*You smile and kiss Bucky*
Y/N- Bucky please??
*Bucky lays you down and rips your clothes off and have sex till dawn. Everywhere it was possible to have sex in your room was broken in by you and Bucky that night. You call him sir a couple times and he loves it.. he sings your praises and realizes what that does to you, he makes a mental note. He holds you in his arms as you come down from orgasm- you lost count at this point but it's in the double digits. Bucky looks down at you and chuckles*
Bucky- so next time we meet I'm tying you up and teasing you because hot damn... you get feisty, horny, and kinky as hell! I didn't know you had this side of you!
*You laugh and blush.. you burry your head in his chest. You and Bucky have "been together" for almost 6 months at this point.. you turn him back to Winter with his words, you both hate it but it's better than him getting the chair. Thankfully Winter is pretty understanding when he realizes what you've done.*
Y/N- I didn't know I had that side of me until Winter *Bucky looks a little sad for a moment* and you... I call Winter "sir and sergeant" partly because if I don't I'll be beat, not by him, but by the agents. But I want to call you sir.. *You smile*
*Bucky smiles and kisses you*
Bucky- and why is that?? I hope it's not only because of my uncanny resemblance to him... *He teases and you laugh*
Y/N- No! It's because I know you'll take care of me... I can be bratty or needy and I know you will still like me.. *Bucky smiles* I also know I can trust you to stop if I'm not okay... you'll never hurt me.
*Bucky looks a little sad*
Bucky- and Winter will??
*You look away and then look back*
Y/N- it's not that... it just he's not always in control... sometimes he doesn't have a choice but to hurt me because that's what they make him do, so our relationship is tainted with that
*Bucky nods and there is a knock on the door.. Bucky shoots up and answers the door*
Bucky (Winter)- what?!
Agent- you are needed, now!
*He rolls his eyes and slams the door shut. He turns back to you*
Bucky- okay, if I'm going to be playing Winter for the time being then we need a word, I'm not about to have our relationship tainted with Winter's crazy ways..
*You smile and jump into Bucky's arms*
Y/N- I'll think of something... you go before they come and get you..
*He smiles and kisses you*
Bucky- I had fun last night.. *He bites his lip* we should do that again, maybe explore some more-
Y/N- let's establish a safe word before we dive into anything else... mokay? *Bucky chuckles an nods.. he kisses you and rubs your face*
Bucky- I'll see you soon..
‼️Flashback ends‼️

Y/N- we really dove in head first after that..
Bucky- well to be fair you were getting railed almost everyday.... By Winter and me. We had to spice it up a little..
*You laugh and kiss Bucky*
Y/N- Well my favorite times we are together are the sweet tender ones.. I love our roll play and kinky ways but when you call me baby girl and stare deeply into my eyes I swoon. *Bucky gently smiles* and when you throw in Doll?!? *You pretend to pass out and Bucky chuckles.. he kisses you and holds you close*
Bucky- maybe I should call you Doll more often!
*You look up at him*
Y/N- I'd be okay with that-
Bucky- but not too much... it might lose its luster.. *He smiles*
Y/N- coming from you?! Never! *You kiss Bucky*
Bucky- I'll keep that in mind, Doll..
*You swoon and kiss his chest.. he rubs your back and you both fall back asleep till Grant wakes you up at 7am*

‼️Short and semisweet😉😏‼️

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