Part 25

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I will give update on tomorrow

Sorry its prank here is update

Aliya reward slap by Neil

Ne:- Dare to say any shit for my princess otherwise i will destroy you in within a mintue. Understood? Shout at her in anger voice

Mu :- for the god sake aliya don't behave like insane there is no Fault of nandini here so don't drag her otherwise i will throw you out.. In anger voice

Dh:- Mukti u r our friends why you defined nandini side you should be aliya side she saying absolutely

Cut by cabir

Ca:- I don't take anyone permission here to throw you out of our band not even manik so better u should aware of speaking shit to my sister

Ma:- I agree with cabir and mukti
If u talk any shit about nandini then i make sure u don't get any other album plus u r thrown out from fab 5 share and out of group out.

Both in anger

Mu:- Now better be keep quite.

Both nodded

Ab:- Manik we don't have time for any drama now please say what happened why are there with her

M:- We all just reach at jam room but  at sudden i got call from dad about some new project after 10 min when i going to jam i got her call n she is saying help her she can't breathe and brake are not applying
So with the i take driver with me
When we reach there and saw that she is can't breathe and her eyes can close at anymoment
I shift her to my car and driver is there but by shifting  car is going to trash with tree so i jump n get injured and then i m here i don't know then when i open eyes doctor already started examine her n say that they have to operate her so i say you can operated as fast as possible but last thing i heard she is trying to call siddharth sir but his phone is off so she call me then i call abhimanyu sir and he ask me to treat and i don't why i landed here?

Re:- what do u mean by she can't breathe

M :- she is getting difficult to breathe plus her nose,ear,mouth even eyes are getting bleeding

Av:- lets talk to doc

Ab:- ya u take care

M:- can i come there

Re:- no u take rest i will tell u what doc said.

M :- thanks sir n sorry on behalf of our group members

Ab:- it's ok.

They all went outside

Ne:- ragini why r stopping me there

Ra:- its coz we don't know truth which our children hidding from us just wait for sometimes they tell by there own

Ne:- ok

All are waiting for doc to come out from operation room

They wait for 4 hour but there is no sign of doc

After 4 hour one nurse come out

We want O+ve blood

Re:- i have take from me

Nu:- We want 7 bag of blood i want 2 ya 3 person

Sid:- take mine too

Ca:- Take mine too

Mu:- and mine too

Ne:- it's not needed dear reyyansh siddharth and ragini will give there blood

Mu:- pls uncle.. Umm i mean sir we want to give it

Ca:-yes pls mam u take rest me n mukti will give

Ra:- ok bacho

Nu :- ok then you 4 come with me

And nurse take blood from 4 of them

After giving blood

Priya,maya,kriya,avni come there and give juice fruit and sandwich but they refuse it but neil and ragini one glare they eat it

After next 3 hour doc came out from operations room


Stay healthy
Stay safe
Take care
Lots of love

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