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Im listening to all star by smash mouth and it made me want to do something with my life

"Why does Samuel not regret that? " Sammi shrugged at your question, humming in thought.

"Only if i knew. " She giggled softly, standing up and stretching. "Let's do something. "

You waved your hand at her. " i have to take care of the children. "

"It doesn't matter, Sunny can sense if something bad is going to happen...i'm sure. " She grabbed your hand, pulling you up. "So, do you kids like tag? " the children stared at Sammi like she was a ghost. "Uh...card games? " they still stared at her, motionless. "Okay. "

You covered your mouth, trying to muffle your laugh.

"Oh, you guys want to annoy Sunny? " They all cheered at your request, standing up quickly and running over to Sunny and Samuel in the corner.

"Welp, what do you want to do then Sammi? Since they're gone. " Sammi shrugged again, looking at the ground.

"I don't know, i might have to leave soon anyway. How about you go over to Sunny. " she said it as a demand not a question, making you nod your head and go over to him.

You looked back at her, seeing her sit down on the mats and hang her head in her hands. You frowned, feeling slightly bad for bringing up the crime.

You shook your head, knowing if you didn't bring it up, it would've happened at some point.

You made it over to Sunnydrop, smiling at the sight of him trying to calm down the swarm of kids on him.

You giggled, prying some off of him.

"You okay, Sunny? " He nodded as soon as you asked the question, turning to Samuel.

"Time out over. " He let Samuel get out of the chair and he immediately walked over to Sammi. They went towards the door, opening it. You could see a woman's figure before the door slammed. "Hellooo, y/n! " you felt an arm wrap around your shoulders. Turning to the person..or robot, you saw Sunny. He was staring at you and you smiled at him. "Most kids are going to start to leave, so what do you want to do? "

"Hang out with my best friend. " you tried to copy his energetic attitude but failed miserably.

"Best friend? I've been promoted! " he wrapped both arms around you now. Your smile widened and you wrapped your arms around him too.

" bye Sunny, bye y/n! " that startled you out of your trance, making you look to the noise. Branni stood there waving with the other little girl, you think her name was Leala.

"Bye! " you waved, letting go of Sunny.

"Y/n! Why do you always break our hugs! " Sunny tackled you into a hug again. Your face turned a light hue of red and you just waited for him to let you go. "You're the best hugger i've ever met! "

"Wow, really? " you giggled, watching him nod his head. "Thanks..i guess. "

"Well, i've never hugged anybody other than the kids! " he admitted, hanging his head down slightly. "A lot of them don't hug me back though. "

You patted his back. "If i was still a kid and i went here, i'd hug you back but i mean i did just hug you so it wouldn't really matter. You know what, forget what i said. " you inwardly cringed at yourself, slapping your forehead before smiling at him. "Oh, forgot to tell you. I'm staying the night shift tonight. "

You thought he'd be happy about that but he seemed to panic.

"What!? I mean, i'd love a sleepover! But! I don't want the lights to go off and you get hurt! Oh no, oh no! This is bad! " he held onto his head, started to bounce back and forth between his two feet.

"Sunny, i'm not going to turn off the lights. I'm sure they won't turn off. " you held your hands up in a way to say you weren't going to do anything. "And if something like that does happen, i will stay away from your..uh. What exactly is it? Your alter ego or something? "

"Like you said before, i turn into some creepy dude. Well, i guess it is my alter ego. I know everything he knows. " he shook his head as he spoke. "All you need to know is to stay away from him. "

"Alright. I will. " he seemed to calm down a bit at my words.

"Great! " He wrapped his arm around my shoulders again, sitting us down on the mats. "So what do you want to do now? "

"Don't i have to clean you? " you laughed lightly at his forgetfulness. "Come on. " you stood up, grabbing his hand and pulling him to the back room.

You sat him down in the same chair as last time and grabbed the supplies. He seemed more tense than he did a couple seconds ago. Though, the permanent smile on his face was always there to convince you otherwise.

You wetted the rag and started cleaning his shoes.

"Wow, you sure did a lot to day. You are covered in glue and sparkles. " you looked up at him when he didn't say anything to find him looking back at you. You quickly looked back down and started cleaning the rest of him.

"Okay, all done! " he hugged himself, making you laugh.

"Thank you, y/n! " he jumped in his place, walking out of the room. You followed, an unnoticeable blush on your face.

is it getting juicy yet

Wrote this in the car to my grandmas christmas party because you have all waited long enough!

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