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Have you ever considered visiting the most fun place called Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex and then finding out how many children are left missing in this place?

Well three friends Natasha, Matthew and Y/N decided they wanted to explore this horrible pizzeria and they will try to find out if these stories are true because there is still no evidences.

Friends sneak out of their houses on friday night.
It was 9pm and the pizzeria closes at midnight so they have plenty of time to figure out these horrifying animatronics.

They went on foot as this building was not that far from their city.
When they arrived at the location, this building was full of lights and loud music could be heard all around. A huge number of children came and went with their parents from the pizzeria.

The friends looked at each other and entered through the main door and started their adventure.

Y/N's POV:

"Man, this place is huge. I don’t know where to even start." Matthew gasped and looked around the shiny looking place.

"Woah, this is a really huge statue of Freddy over there. He's adorable but scary at the same time." Natasha pointed in the middle of the area.

"Totally. The band is still performing, i can hear them sing." I said.

"Girls, let's separate and each of us will explore different playrooms here. Keep your phones close to you. We meet here at the statue before midnight." Matthew told us.

"Wait, we won't look around together?" Natasha rubbed the back of her neck.

"What? Are you scared Nat?" I joked and punched her shoulder playfully.

"Don't mess around Y/N, you never know what can happen." She crossed her arms.

"Yeah i know, i know. But I just don’t believe that these robots have killed kids. If that really happened, this place would have been closed a long time ago." I said and fixed my hair.

She rolled her eyes. "Okey let's just fucking do this, i'll just use a bathroom first. And answer on calls if i call you two." She told us strictly with serious eyes and walked away.

"Of course. Seeya later." Matthew and I chuckeled.

"I'll go check on Freddy and the gang on stage first." I said.

"Okey, i'll go see this DJ dude." He nodded and we walked our ways.

~time skips~

I watched a great performance of animatronics that entertained the kids all day. The children laughed, danced, sang songs with them. Suddenly, however, the band’s lead singer stopped singing. Freddy fell to the ground as if his entire system had crashed.

Oh no. What the hell is this now?!

They all stopped playing and their stage went down so none of the robots were seen anymore.
Then some sort of speaker turned on and unfamiliar voice spoke.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for visiting, and we hope you enjoyed the show! Freddy and the gang are pretty tired, but they’ll be back again next week after a few days of scheduled maintenance."

Well they're canceling the show but robots stuff like these certainly happen a lot, i guess. I shrugged and left the hall with the rest of the people.

~time skip~

I bought myself a drink and wandered around the pizzaplex.
I still couldn’t believe how huge the place is. Who even built all this and decorated it? These people really are millionaires.

But all of a sudden, I stepped on something. I looked at the floor and saw some sort of card. I picked it up and looked closer.

It said with large latters 'Pick-up pass' and in the middle of the card 'SuperStar daycare'.

I also noticed that the sun was drawn  on the right and the moon on the left side. Babysitters eh?
I looked at the clock on the phone and I still had some time to look at this one. I started looking for where to enter this at all.

I walked up the pink stairs and looked around. Then my gaze stopped at the sign where it was written above the red door the same as on the card I found. The door was closed and I saw almost no more people around.

I walked towards it and opend in wide.
When i looked inside it was pretty much dark in there.
I gluped because I didn't know if I should go further.
Then I took a deep breath in and out and stepped inside.

I walked and looked around the room. I noticed on the walls two paintings, which was again a kind of sun and moon looking character. Apparently there is another animatronic looking after the kids here. Poor kids that their parents leave them here alone with this thing.

Then some kind of garage door opened and revealing another room where i heard a joyful music inside.

I stepped in and saw another big gold statue actually two. Again one was sun and one was moon.


Then I looked around and saw a huge playground but there was no one in there.

Next to me I saw a slide where it said ‘Slide into fun’.
To be honest this playroom does look fun. If i was still a kid i would definitely
never left this place.

I giggled and slide down it. Then i fell into a ball pit.
"Aw so many memories from childhood." I said to myself.

Then i looked up and saw some kind of castle looking stage surrounded by fake clouds and out of it came out a strange figure.

"Hooo hooo hooo!" It said out loud and jumped into a ball pit where i was in.

Okey, i don't like this anymore.


The first chapter is done.

I hope you guys like the starting of the story.
Can't wait to share more with you!

Have a great day/night and seeya very soon!!!

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