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        CARRIERS HOVERED THE GROUND with the Dora Milaje, T'Challa's Kingsgaurd and the Border Tribe along with Jordan, Natasha, Steve and Bucky on board; Rhodey and Sam keept pace overhead in their suits, and Bruce was in the Hulkbuster armor. The teenager was given an earpiece to be able to communicate with the others during battle. 

"I've got two heat signatures breaking through the tree line." Rhodey said making Jordan jump a little as she was barely used to using the communication device in her ear. 

The carrier pilots swerved into U-turns, causing their craft to tilt and allowing the practiced soldiers to slide over one side into a run, never coming to a complete halt. A Dora Milaje shouted a command nearby as the last Wakandans joined ranks. Jordan joined Steve, Bucky, Natasha and T'Challa at the front lines with M'Baku and Okoye. 

T'Challa, Steve and Nat walked to the edge of the barrier, where Proxima Midnight and Cull Obsidian stood. The teenager stood next to the Winter Soldier who held a machine gun with his new vibranium arm. From the distance, Proxima Midnight brandished her sword with a snarl, and the ships behind her started raising their outer hulls to allow their "passengers" to disembark.

"I'm guessing you're new." 

Jordan looked to her left at Bucky who kept his eyes on the people who had approached the barrier. His hair seemed longer than before, though the only times she's seen him was on the news or on social media. She nodded. "You could say so."

He nodded in acknowledgement, he wasn't completely surprised that there were more heroes out there but what did throw him off a bit was that she was just a teenager. Before he could say anyhting else, T'Challa, Steve and Nat came back to the formation.

"Did they surrender?" Bucky asked Steve.

"Not exactly."

T'Challa lead the Wakandans in the war cry in Xhosa telling them to hold fast as the Outriders bounded toward the barrier through the forest; Proxima sliced the air with her sword arm in the signal to attack. The army of Outriders surged towards them. 

"What the heck are those things?" Jordan mumbled.

"Looks like we pissed her off." Nat glanced at the attackers.

The Outriders bombard the forcefield, some falling back, other clawing, squeezing limbs and bodies partly through as they snarled only to be bisected once they reached the other side. Okoye looked in horror. "They're killing themselves." A few Outriders managed to squeeze through intact and let out a shrilling screech before charging towards them.

The Border Tribe took a knee and raised their force field shields. The Kingsguard behind them leveled their sonic spears over their comrades' shoulders, and on T'Challa's command, fired at the approaching monsters. Bucky used his machine gun, and Bruce fired the Hulkbuster's hand repulsors. Rhodey flew over the heaviest concentration of Outriders and dropped a barrage of grenades', all exploding. Due to the explosion, thousands of other Outriders started to run around the forcefield to the right of their position to find another entrance.

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