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"Take a deep breath," he says, my shoulder burning every single place his fingers land on. This distraction is one that I gladly let consume me. He moves a strand of hair from my face. Once the voices quiet, my eyes open and are met with his.

"How are you feeling?" he questions, concern written in his eyes.

"I'm fine." I quickly respond.

"Well, you didn't look fine."

"Professor Luna wanted to see me and she noticed my necklace."

"What about it?"

"It suppressed my powers."

"And that is why we couldn't sense any magic on you and why you don't know how to control them."

"Control them? Control what! I don't even know what magical creature I am! Just yesterday I thought all I was, was a human. And now I heard the thoughts of every single person that passed by me on the way here!"

"You know Talia is happy to help you with your magic and I'll always be here if you need help calming down." His being here for me shouldn't have got me so happy, but it did. The familiar butterflies come alive.

"Who said anything about me needing you? Don't you have a fiance you should go back to?" I spin around, ready to walk, so I don't see the hurt in his eyes. I'm afraid if I see him upset I might run to his arms instead of away from them.

"It's not that simple, Freya," he says, grabbing my hand which sends tingles all the way up my arm.

"You're going to marry her, it's very simple, "I tell him, trying to hold back the tears that will surely come if this conversation continues.

"Except she's not my mate. You are."

"What do you expect me to do? Forget about your fiance and run into your arms?!"

He opens his mouth as if there is something he wishes to say, that he needs to say but remains quiet. He just looks at me. I can see the sadness in his eyes. I wish there was something I could do to help. I want nothing more than to go comfort him, but I can't.

Instead, I run to my room, not wanting Caelum to see the tears in my eyes. Once I am safe in my room, I let the tears go. I cry for the honest family I thought I had. For the black diamond, the lies my mom told me. For a mate that I secretly like but need to stay away from. Eventually, the tears go away, my eyes close and I drift away.

Darkness. I turn around and see a girl that looks just like me. The same emerald green eyes stare back. A few strands of her blonde hair fall onto her brows. She remains motionless. I take a closer look into the darkness behind me. I can't quite make out their face, but someone's piercing brown eyes are definitely on me. Almost as if they sense my wandering gaze, I hear a voice. " I'm coming for you both!" a man roars. Suddenly he is in front of me, his eyes becoming bright and golden. His face is filled with hatred. "Alexandra Winters!" he shouts, a strand falling out of his greasy bun. "You will never get to see your sister, not in this life!" he cackles.

My eyes snap open, my body covered in sweat. This nagging sensation in the back of my mind seems to grow with every dream. "Alexandra Winters," I say the name allowed, as it will suddenly hold meaning to me.


I look over to the bathroom shared with Talia. Was I screaming again?

"Did you have that dream again?" Talia asks.

"I didn't mean to wake you."

"Don't even start Freya. How are you feeling? Tell me about your dream."

"I'm okay, but let me start by saying that man is so creepy he makes my skin crawl."

"What a freak!" she rubs her tired eyes.

"He was talking about a girl named, Alexandra Winters."

"Your twin?"

"He said that she will never get a chance to meet me, her sister. You do realize what this means?" I breathe.

"What?" she questions.

"If my dreams are visions does that mean that I have an actual sister?"

"But twins haven't been a thing in god knows how long."

"And Cam told me about the whole incident."

"That's a whole other conversation! It's always one thing after the other. I can't seem to catch my breath."

"Everything will be okay. You'll always have me by your side."

"I don't know if I tell you this enough but I love you!"

"I love you too!" she gives me a much-needed hug.

"Do you want to go sit outside? I mean might as well get you up to date with the whole diamond shit."

"I could also use some fresh air," she says, following me. We quietly exit my room as to not wake every up, which is hard since everyone has super hearing.

"How are you taking all of these news?" Talia asks.

"I'm totally freaking out, if I'm being honest."

"And you have all the right to be, but at least you got an answer to one of the long list of questions." she tries to reassure.

"I could've lived without that answer," I respond, taking in this breathtaking view. I'm not usually up this early but I can't really complain. The rising sun is casting a rosy hue across the sky, making it almost look like cotton candy.

"So you're telepathic. That usually goes hand in hand with telekinesis." she smiles "You see, Freya, magic can be a little fun."

"Do you think you can help me control it?"

"Of course I can!" she says with a little too much excitement in her voice.

"Can we start off with blocking all the voices?"

"Whenever you hear the voices you need to imagine a wall in your mind blocking out all of the voices."

"You can do this." I hear her think. "Get it girl! You are..."

I close my eyes and take a deep breath. I imagine a stone wall in my mind blocking anything that wants to come in. I wait a second to see if I can hear anything."Oh my god! I can't hear your thoughts!" I cheer, running to hug her.

"I know it sucks, your mom lying to you and suppressing your powers, but she's not here. You are not alone, I'm here. I always will be, and I will keep on saying it until you believe it."

"How did I get so lucky to have a friend like you?"

"I don't know." she jokes. "But I do know that I'm excited to see what other powers you have!"

 "But I do know that I'm excited to see what other powers you have!"

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