alt ending

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That's what Spencer Rebecca Banner told Pietro Maximoff 6 hours ago, in the doorway of her apartment.

Whether or not it's true that she's "got it handled" is up for debate. Spencer rarely has a good grasp on what, in actuality, she can handle - and judging by the face Pietro gives her, he's well aware of that minor flaw.

But it's not like he was going to stop her, or anything. He just gave her a disapproving expression, asked her to let him come with (for the 50th time), and rolled his eyes when she pressed a kiss against his cheek as she slipped out the door.

And now, 6 hours twenty minutes later, Spencer is standing in front of a dingy apartment in Bulgaria, thinking, I do not have this handle.

She's got the stupid baseball cap on. It was a "gift" from Clint - well, not really a gift, and more of an "if you're going to see a war criminal, then use some caution, yeah?"

In complete honesty, Spencer totally lied to Clint and Pietro. From what she'd told them, they both currently think Spencer is at a coffee shop, having a totally two-way planned meeting.

That is, in fact, not the case.

After Raven was brought into SHIELD custody (thank you, Elenora!), a lot of things about HYDRA were unveiled. The most important to Spencer was – James Buchanan Barnes was MIA.

Which immediately sent both Spencer and Steve in a frenzy to find him. But Steve, being preoccupied with a 16-year-old daughter, slacked off.

Spencer doesn't blame him, at all. She'd been through that whole my-dad's-an-avenger thing herself. And Elenora's handling it surprisingly well - she'd agreed to spend weekends with Steve at the Avengers Tower. She says it's to get some more training, but Spencer knows that a certain brown-haired nerd boy's got her attention...

Well, whatever. Spencer figured out James' location first! So Spencer's the one climbing the totally not secure fire escape of this run-down apartment building.

But in her defense — she is wearing a baseball cap! That's some Steve/Clint level caution right there, so one safety point to Spencer.

It's cloudy outside, and Spencer's on the south entrance, so she's hoping she doesn't stand out enough to really get anyone's attention. The metal beneath her feet creeks unsupportively, but Spencer's taking her time to carefully arrive at the seventh floor.

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