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Valen had made it back to Hydra's base. She was careful about it, making sure no one had followed her. She had a plan in her mind, and she didn't want anyone to ruin it.

The memory of her and Peter saying they loved each other kept playing over and over. She tried so hard to remember more. She wanted to remember everything about him. Every touch, every kiss, every single moment they were together.

But, she had to forget it all for tonight. Tonight it all ended. She couldn't show any sign of weakness or that she remembered something.

As she stepped foot on the grounds of the base, flood flights flashed in her face. She moved her head to the side and closed her eyes from the sudden brightness.

"Put your hands up!" A man yelled with a gun pointed at her.

Valen did as instructed. Men came running out and put her hands behind her back. They marched her inside and into Zory's office. They threw her down in the chair and Valen shrugged off their hard grips. They stood guard at the door with guns pointed towards the ceiling, ready to be used if necessary.

"Such a nice welcome home." Valen said sarcastically.

Zory waved his hand and the men stepped outside. They shut his door leaving the two alone together.

"You can't blame me for this. I didn't start the fight." Valen sat back in her chair looking at the pillars with the bowls of fire.

"You sure as hell didn't finish it either."

"Neither did your precious little twins. They left! I was by myself."

"I called them back."

Valen's eyes widened. "You didn't call me back. You were going to leave me? You were going to leave me all alone out there!"

Zory rolled his eyes. "Stop being so dramatic."

"You knew that today was a trap. How convenient that most of the Avengers were all out and about, leaving their compound vulnerable. You sent the twins to go in anyway. Of course they were waiting."

"I knew they were waiting."

Valen looked confused. "You knew?"

"Of course I knew. This is the only base left. I need us to survive if we're going to regrow. They know you're alive. I couldn't risk them coming and finding us first."

"Why does it matter if they know I'm alive?" Valen had an idea why, but she wanted more information. Anything new that could possibly jog new memories. She knew what the Avengers told her, but she also knew what Zory had told her. With no memories about the Avengers other than Peter, she didn't know what the full truth was.

"They won't stop looking for you. I needed you to die today so that they would drop it. If you would've died then we would've had time to relocate. But you couldn't even manage to do that."

Valen looked taken aback. "If you wanted me to die so badly, then why haven't you just killed me."

Zory looked at her like she was dumb. Then it clicked. He did try. Valen looked betrayed, hurt, then angry. All emotions were clearly written on her face.

"You told the twins to throw those bombs. You hoped that one of them would be so close to me that it would kill me. You knew that if I died like that that it would look like a strategic move to kill the Avengers rather than me. I would've just looked like I was in the wrong place at the wrong time." Valen's mouth was open as a tear fell down her cheek. So much has happened today that she couldn't handle it all. So many things were coming to life. She wiped the tear off her cheek aggressively, annoyed she even let one slip.

"I had so many plans for you too. You and me, we were going to rule this world. We were going to do great things. But then you had to go and get spotted by that spider boy. You can turn invisible! It couldn't have been any easier for you to not have been seen."

She looked into the fire as the flames danced around. Zory continued on with his rant. He kept screaming in her face, completely pissed at her. Valen wanted to get this over right now, but she had a plan in place she needed to do first.

Valen didn't realize Zory had finished yelling until he sat back in his chair. She looked at him and stood up. She stomped out and ran to her cell. She sat on the hard ground and stared at the wall for hours. The base was settling down as it neared the late hours. People were going to sleep. The only ones who were still up was Valen, her guards, and a few others guarding the base in general.

"Hey boys." The guards looked at Valen who slowly stood up. "Aren't you sick of this place yet? Always being mistreated? Lied to? Hurt?" She put her hands through the bars and let her elbows rest of the rusty metal. "Come on, I can keep a secret."

"Shut up. Go to sleep."

"That wasn't very nice." Valen shot out her hand and froze the guard who spoke. The other one aimed his gun at her, but she shot out a knife first. He collapsed to the ground and Valen reached through the bars to grab his keys. She unlocked the cell and slid it open.

Valen ran to the large kitchen where all the meals were made for people staying on the base. She tampered with the gas and let it start spreading through the air. As she walked through the hallways she opened all of the doors and disposed of anyone who stood in her way. She then trailed a line behind her with lighter fluid. She froze over all of the exit points so no one could open them.

She marched right up to Zory's office and dropped the lighter fluid. She opened the door and Zory sprung up from the couch looking sleepy and confused. Valen didn't know he was in here. She thought he was in his room, but it didn't matter.

"What's going on?" He asked groggily.

"Zory, you've hurt me. Deeply. I'm only returning the favor."


"Stop talking. Your voice annoys me." Valen traced her hand over the top of the pillar. "These are really ugly decorations."

Valen pushed the pillar over, letting the fire catch on his rug. She walked over to the second one and pushed it over as well. The curtains caught on fire, spreading upwards towards the ceiling quickly.

Zory stood up frantically. He grabbed the fire extinguisher to try and put out the fire, but it was growing too rapidly. "What have you done?"

"What have I done? What have you done? I can't remember anything! That spider boy told me he loved me and I don't know a single thing about him. The Avengers were telling me to come home, but I've never seen those people before in my life. But I have. I have, but you took those memories away from me. You made me a murderer!"

The fire was spreading outside, about to hit the lighter fluid. Zory's hand got brunt in the process of trying to put it out. He held onto it tightly watching his office go up into flames. "Look what you did!"

"You confuse me with someone with remorse."

"Are you insane?"

"Do I really need to answer that?"

Valen turned her entire body into thick layers of ice as the fire hit the trail outside the door. The fire only escalated from there. It grew rapidly as black smoke started to cover the ceiling. Valen didn't know if this thick ice skin would work, but it was worth a shot to try and get out. She went to the only exit she didn't freeze over and ran out. The gas had to have finally met the fire because the base exploded where the kitchen was located.

She watched as the ceiling collapsed in on itself. The fire reached up into the night sky trying to reach the stars. Valen gave her work a curtsy before turning invisible.

She turned around away from the fiery building and walked in the opposite direction. It was now time for her to get her memories back.


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