Chapter 47

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Juliana laughed as she danced with her husband who held her by her waist.

She felt good because of the alcohol she drank after a long time. Or perhaps she felt that way because she was excited to be with Evan. 

Her head was spinning and while it didn’t stop, Juliana didn’t let go of the drink she had in her hand.

After drinking several glasses of wine that the servants handed over, Juliana stepped out of the ballroom.

Of course she knew her husband would follow her. Juliana, who came out and went sideways, chuckled and sat on an ownerless chair.

Evan, who skillfully passed the crowd, sat next to her. Juliana, whose cheeks were flushed with liquor, looked up and toasted the glass in the air and drank the wine.

“Drinking, you’re a good drinker.”

And as soon as Juliana, who had wined her eyes, was about to pour the fourth wine glass into her mouth, Evan’s hand took it away.


Juliana jumped out of her chair. And she tried to ask him what he was doing, but her tongue didn’t cooperate with her because she was drunk, so she poured out a lot of buzzing words.

“What, haaaa…?”

“It hasn’t been long since you woke up from your illness. I’m worried.”

Evan placed the drink on the table close to the chair.

Juliana dropped her arms on the armrest and stared at the swaying wine in her glass. 

“What’s on your mind?”

At that time, Evan, who was quick to notice, asked while drinking a drink from his glass. Now she saw that he’s not drunk at all. 

You’re a fox-like male lead.

Juliana grumbled inwardly.

“Do I look troubled?”

“Drinking too much is one of the things people do when they’re troubled about something. They’re trying to get away with the booze.” 


At the words, Juliana kept silent and swept her face with dry hands.

The pleasant drunkenness did not fall even after that. A few minutes ago, they held their hands and danced together, but now he regained his usual composure, and she did not. Juliana didn’t know how to explain her complicated mind.

Now she really couldn’t get out of ‘the original story’. It was the only path that the present-life Juliana Auburn and the former-born Lee Sian could choose now. 

She wondered about what she should do to avoid becoming an extra character that dies due to the misunderstanding at the beginning of the story. 

The solution was simple.

She had to become the heroine in this world. That’s what she has to do. She was so screwed.

I can’t move forward if I only worry like this.

Anyway, after some time, ‘the real heroine’ of the original story will appear. Since this world is in a novel called ‘The String of Fate,’ Evan may be drawn to the female protagonist when she appears according to its probability. As for Juliana, she has to make sure that his heart was completely directed to her. 

So now it’s time to…, do it?

Juliana took a deep breath.

Evan was looking at her with an interesting look. Juliana, who was about to confess her love for the first time in her life, opened her mouth.

“Evan…I, I’ve been thinking a lot lately.”


Evan smiled sweetly.

His eyes were filled with excitement, as if he knew some of her thoughts, and as if he was looking at a game that came to an end. 

Juliana looked up at her husband and thought blankly.

Come to think of it, he, this world’s male lead, loved the extra character Juliana Auburn, who had an ugly personality for almost half of her life, and could explain the probability of being loved only with her pretty face. 

…why do you love me?

Juliana was saddened, as the thought itself was caused by her low self-esteem.

God damn it. Why would I be born again like this…

“Evan. I, I!” 

Juliana shook her head to erase the confused agony. 

This was a good thing. Although her low self-esteemed self wasn’t fully convinced and couldn’t affirm yet, this was a perfect opportunity to love someone.


Meanwhile, Evan waited patiently for her words. To let his drunk wife say things she wanted to say, even if it’s only empty words. 

“I, I, well…” 

The guards’ shout. 


It was a bit of a fuss that broke the perfect moment Evan Hilchen wanted.

The raucous noise coming from the back gate of the Imperial Palace sounded louder, perhaps because Juliana and Evan were sitting near the garden behind the palace.

In order not to be heard by the distinguished guests of the ballroom, the guards were trying to stop the fussmaker of the disturbance.

It was a complete mess.

Evan rose to his feet like an arrow and wrapped his arm around Juliana. 

“What’s going on?” 

“I don’t know.” 

Evan frowned. 

Like a man who admitted that he had a dirty personality, he had a terrifying expression when he was interrupted. 

Juliana suddenly burst out laughing at his expression. He didn’t have to make that face. She could tell him anytime now.

“Although it’s the back gate, this is the Imperial Palace. I can’t believe such a fuss was made at the first party held by the Empress. Who could it be?” Juliana giggled.

Juliana, who was trying to suppress her pounding heart and calmly continued her next statement, was frozen by the familiar voice that called her. 



Evan turned his head toward his frozen wife.

It was the first time he heard it. She was the only daughter of the Marquis of Auburn. To say that she’s got siblings—. 


Evan Hilchen caught the passing thought. 

Apparently, she was the only daughter of the Marquis of Auburn. But not in the view of her mother, Theresa Caverner. She’s obviously…

“I wonder for what reason my younger sister has set her foot at the party that she wasn’t even invited to. She wouldn’t have any personal connections to be invited to a party like this.” 

Not surprisingly, Juliana said this coldly.

But, contrary to the cold words, her face was stiff enough to compare with fear at first glance. Evan couldn’t do anything about it, so he just hugged his wife tightly.

As if running away from the voice that was looking for her, Juliana pressed her face into his chest and gasped for breath. 

Her hands were pale and cold just like a corpse. When she hugged Evan with her hands, she really felt like she was hanging on to the living one. 

Juliana closed her eyes after the sense of shame that began to creep up. As if she wouldn’t hear her sister’s voice if she did that.

* * *

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