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Laughs and engaging of speech drums loudly inside of Casa Madrigal.

They got invited because of Alma, who wanted you to be introduce as one of a future Madrigal.

Now, here you are wearing a s/c colored long skirt with d/c and white colored shirt with sage green colored trimming and red sandals. In some words, your outfit was like their ones.

You were just there sitting on a bench in the corner of the first floor of the house, fully minding your own business. Meaning, eating.

"As always, they can't sense my presence." you muttered, biting half of pan de queso. It has always been like that for you, no one ever see you wherever and whatever the occasion is. You're just on the sidelines, out of the spotlights.

"Abuela will look for you if you keep hiding here." a familiar masculine voice said, sitting beside you with his legs crossed, right elbow on the arm rest while leaning his chin on his palm.

You ignore what he said and continue eating peacefully. Until, he reach his hands infront of you, his position were still the same as he sat earlier and he still looks grumpy.

You thought that he wanted you to reach his hands so you could go to his grandmother together, so you place your right hand to his left one.

"Why are you holding my hand?"

"You're offering it to me, so I take it." you said in as the matter of fact tone, which made him laugh silently.

"I'm asking for some pan de queso. Stop assuming. C'mon, give me some." he voiced, that made you look like dumbass misunderstanding a thing.

You clicked your tongue and turned to side, protectively shielding the plate of your food.

"I said give me some." he repeated.

"Go and get yours. Don't talk to me."

"Psshh, you're just embarrassed by the fact that you misunderstood-"

"Not a word, Carmilo. Not a word."

"It's Camilo, how many times do I need to tell you that?"

"That's the same and to answer your question, maybe until I fell in love with you and agreed to marry uuueeehhh... each other." you forced yourself to say the full sentence clean but it didn't come out as you wanted.

"Bruh, that's impossible."



"This is Y/N, she'll be my grandson's wife. She's beautiful, isn't she?" Alma place her right hand on you shoulder as she introduce you some peoples.

"She's indeed beautiful. Camilo, you should take care of her well or my son will be the one marrying her." a tall elder man jokes, nudging the boy's shoulder.

"Act like good couple. Smile." Alma whispered to the two of you, as she place Camilo's hand to yours, making you and him cringed within. We just literally met yesterday

"Keep dreaming, Fernando." Camilo said to the older man in front. "I will keep Y/N with with me." To make her suffer with me

"Is that so? You sure sweet, aren't you."

"Of course, I am." he grin widely or perhaps gritted his teeth and squeeze your hand a little tighter.

"Young Lady, I know Camilo might be an ache to your nerves but we; peoples in town can assure you he's one of a kind. He's kind, got pure intention, gentleman and he's kind of dumb sometimes but he's the perfect person you could put your trust to." a middle aged woman sincerely state.

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