chapter 2 | hey bitch

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Luna | hey bitch

Well isn't this great.

Some of the boys chuckle and my brother just rolls his eyes.

"Well guys this is Luna, my twin sister, and sadly my only sibling." Luca says a bit dramatically

This time i roll my eyes "I'm also the best and better looking twin." I say opening my water bottle.

"I can agree with that one." One of the football players coming into the kitchen says and I know exactly who it is.

I turn around and a huge grin appears on my face "hey Lulu" Anthony one of my greatest friends of all time says as he hugs me.

I let out a laugh "hey Tony." I say back.

"Say what now?" Another football player says, this time I don't know who it is.

We break the hug and I lift an eyebrow at him.

"He hates when anyone calls him that!" The dude says and everyone nods in agreement.

I playfully roll my eyes "what can I say? I'm amazing." I say

"Yeah amazingly stupid." Luca says.

"Whatever, I'm guessing this is what mom was going to tell me this morning." I say pointing at all of them.

"Mhm, also uncle Chris and Marcus are on there way too." Luca adds.

"It's a party!" A boy hollers. Earning all of them to chuckle

Uhh okayy then.

"Well anyways who are y'all?" I ask

And they all tell me their name; all of them are pretty good looking.

"Hey, Ace said he would be over here an in hour he's still at his girlfriend's house." As soon as Michael, says those two last words almost all the water in my mouth spills out.

They all look at me confused and Anthony has a playful smirk on his face.

I wipe my mouth "umm my bad, I'm gonna go change brb." I say as I walk out of the kitchen.

You see, I grew up with Ace, Anthony, and Samantha since we were little, Ace is 18 while the rest of us are 17.

Samantha's parents are my god parents, Makensie and Carter.

Anthony's parents are Lucas god parents; Diana and Marcus

Then my favorite "uncle" Chris is my baby sister who is an angel up in heaven god father. Sadly Elena was going to be the youngest but my mom had health problems and Elena didn't make it.

And lastly Ace. He is neighbors with us since we were 2 . His parents would babysit us or my parents would babysit him.

The thing is, Anthony and I are best friends where we can hug and talk about anything without making one another jealous.

While Ace on the other hand.

It is very different, we were all good until six months ago when he completely stopped talking to me.

He would always check up on me and sometimes we would talk on the phone because of how busy we both were but we always kept contact.

Then sadly this girl named Arely came in. Don't get me wrong she is absolutely gorgeous, but pretty much toxic on a whole other level.

She put things in Ace's head which I tried to tell him a million times were not true, but he didn't believe me and she told him he had to stop talking to me if they wanted to stay together.

Which he agreed too.

He picked a girl he was with like for two months over his supposed best friend since we were two.

I let out a sigh and jump on my bed laying on it like a starfish.

As I look up at the ceiling I hear a rapid knock on my door and before I can say something.

They burst through my door and yell "hey bitch!"


This is the second chapter and idk if I want to do Ace's pov yet? But I don't knowww anywaysss

See ya at the end of next chapter byeee <3

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