Chapter 3: Meddling with Souls

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Some people were asking me in DM about the immortality of Harry. Like he is immortal so what's the point of the story if he doesn't have to worry about every dying so just fuck Voldemort right?

I am sorry for not explaining that properly but Harry is immortal in the sense that he won't die because of his age. However, he could very die on a battlefield or car accident or any other type he just won't die because of his age ever. That's what I meant by immortality.

If some parts are written twice please excuse me for that because I have just switched to Scrivener. PeacefulHarmionian gifted me Scrivener 3 thanks for that, it really is just amazing. So, that's why for some chapters things might be messed up. Sorry for that.

Hope your doubt is cleared and you enjoy the rest of the story!


April 1989,

Merging soul changed a lot more than just changing his personality, as Harry had thought. When he returned, he realised he was a century-old man who had reincarnated in his seven-year-old body. He had thought that by merging his soul, he would just become a mixture of both in personality. But truly, he never knew his full extent. He never fully knew its effect on his emotions, feelings, and personality.

He had just thought that it would be just for his personality, saving his parents and mixing his traits from both of his souls, but it was a lot more than that. It was, in a sense, his rebirth. In addition, his younger self was also a lot more powerful and prominent than he had thought, but it made sense after all. In more senses, he was trying to possess his younger self, much like the Horcrux.

When Harry thought about it in depth, he realized that his younger soul was much stronger and more prominent because of it. It was not giving in to his older and much more powerful soul because it was also very strong. His younger self became strong because of the Horcrux. Horcrux had been haunting his younger self for nearly 6 years. It had kept the piece of Tom's soul at bay.

His mother's protection, thankfully, hadn't thought of his older soul as a threat and attacked it. And it was one of the reasons that his younger and older souls were able to merge. His younger soul hadn't fought against its older self but fought for dominant traits in the character, and as a result, a different boy was born than his younger or even older self.

Harry wasn't certain about his mental age because it was very complicated that way, but it wasn't seven, nor was it above a hundred, but it wasn't something that Harry was sure about. And to be honest, it wasn't much of his concern right now. He had gone to his primary school in the last 2 years since he came back.

Interacting with all the younger kids had been awkward for some time. It had taken him some time to get used to it, but later he had found that he enjoyed it. He found that he also liked to play nonsense games sometimes, and he liked to run around and do some childish things too.

He found that he wasn't all serious as he had been in the future. He liked to be a child now, and he felt like that, so he deduced that his age wasn't much now. He was confused now because he liked playing tag sometimes with other kids, but also, in his mind, he knew that it was foolish and a waste of time. He was preparing for war but still liked to sometimes just lie down and relax.

It was confusing how he could be a child and a war veteran at the same time. Maybe it was the consequence of the soul merging? He didn't know, but he thought that it was quite a favourable outcome. Now he didn't have to worry about his interaction with his peers or anything like that. He wouldn't have to put on a fake act about his interaction with them now because it would be natural for him.

He knew that he was not the man he was when he stepped through the veil, and he wasn't also the naive kid, but an entirely different person now. Which was fine with him. He was a lost person in his life after the war. He had lost so many people in his life that he was full of grief, regret, and loneliness, but his younger self had a lot of hope. It was also lonely, but it was different.

Now his regret has turned into his determination to do things right now. He didn't want to end up as he had. He didn't want to be alone this time. He wants to have a family. He wanted to have all the people he cared about close to his heart.

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