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It's nearly a couple of weeks when you moved to Encanto for the time being. Everyone was quite kind to you, except to that sassy skin changing chameleon.

Your fingers lingered on a photograph where you, holding a sunflower on your small arms.

How many years has it passed since the photograph created. You clearly knew the answer to that.

Many things happened after that day, many peoples you met after that day. Some are kind, some are mean.

Yet, no one can still compared that person's attitude towards you after that day. You were left behind and prisoned inside a cage of imperfection because of her.

Both of you were equal to many peoples eyes since the day both of you born, but everything changed on the day before that ceremony.

She might be kind, but there's something hidden behind her smile. In everyone's eyes, she's the perfect child who can do everything with passion.


You smile and started to twirl the skirt of your white fancy looking dress.

Today was one of the best day you could ever encounter. Because it was your 5th birthday.

"Y/N, how do I look? How do I look?" a girl with the same age as you question repeatedly, with her little jumps.

"You look beautiful as me, but of course I'm more beautiful than you." you proudly laugh infront of her, she bursted into giggle and gifted you a hug.

"I know you are. And as your older sister I need to support you for being beautiful so let's put some cosmetics on you!"

Her name is Marisel, she was your older twin sister. She's a caring older sibling and protective too. The type that even a single mosquito can't get near you. She have the same color as your skin, same color as your eyes, same height, same color as your hair, everything almost look like you.

She drag you to sit on a small kiddy chair and took a make up brush on her hand, and carefully brush it to a simple cosmetic foundation and brush it to your face.

"Don't put too much, you look like a kid doodling on my face." you said, stopping her for a moment.

"Next, lipstick!" she raised her hand in the air before picking a light mix of pinkish lipstick.

"Hey, are you even listening to me? I told you to- hMmmH!" after minute of struggling with your older sister.

"Look at your face now!" she handed you a mirror, so you can see what she did to your face.

"What in Jesus name you did to my face." you mumble in unidentified face, no one could say what face your were making by the make up she just put on your face.

"Uhh, it's alright. I think." you mumble, smiling at her, making her heart flutter in happiness. "I'm glad you like it."

"Y/N, what happened to your face?!!" a person who works at your house shouted in shock. "You look like a crocodile!"

She quickly asked Marisel to go out for the mean time so she could fix the powders on your face.

"Why did you let her do this?" she calmly asked, yet there's a hint of displeasure on her tone.

"She looks happy so... I can't help but to let her be." you grin at her.

"You're really kind, aren't you?" she finished doing her job and hug you lightly. "Please be like that until the day you grew up."

"Maria, do you think I can be like Mama someday?" you question, sounding so excited for her to answer. "Yeah, I guess."

"Maria, you finished doing your work yet?" an older middle age man asked, opening the room's door slightly, Maria nod and led you infront of Casa Marifoso's main entrance.

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