Part 28

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C:- But bhai she is meeting na as she said on breakfast table.

M:- Ya cabir she was going to her office suddenly i got call from her and the rest of history you know

Avni came running there

Av:- abhi abhi..

Ab:- what happened avu why are tensed n crying ?

Av:- abhi wo princess health is worse she doesn't response any treatment i dont want to loose her abhi

Ab:- no no avu my princess is strong she have to fine and fit

M:- guys i need your all premission please

Me:- Manik is not time to give u premission first let nandu came out of danger then only

M:- i need premission to talk with her only
Please just for 10 minutes

Abe:- its not good what if nandu health get even worse

M:- not at chance Sir because my love for her is increase day by day not decrease i just regret one decision but i was force to take that decision and for that i m very guilty but i don't have any option i have to choose between my life and friend if i choose my life than my life's life is in danger i don't want any danger around her please let me try one chance

Rey:- Ok you have 20 min go and meet her but first let us Handel mom dad & bhai n bhabhi

C:You can send them to police station for complain as doc said

M:- no cabir i will handel everything when nandini get conscious cos i already arrange my security and man behind her aliya n dhruv so whoever's it may will be soon be in bars

Mu:- You send them to talk with doc for further information till manik also meet nandini .

Kr:- Good idea

Ab:- ok lets move

Ab:- mom dad.

Ra:- yes abhi

Av:- mom dad bhai bhabhi please go to doc for further information i hope till now food also get check n further report also came..

Ra:- But what if princess get conscious.

Re:- then i will first you guys inform then i will let anyone enter

We are here mom nothing happens to my baby i promise she will be with us forever.

Ra:- i trust you coz you both connected to heart i know by seeing her like this your heart is blast but if your heart she will with us then definitely princess come back to us

I know she never refuse your wish

How let sister refuse a brother and that too a twin brother who connect to heart.

Rey faintly smile
I know mom my sissy never ever leave her twinny in devast state.

Mu:- Brother sister in shock

C:- that u r twin in shock

Ma:- That mean she didn't get engaged to reyansh sir

Ma:- What rubbish are you talking about......

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