Chapter 3: Famous

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(The next day)

"Finally, we're here, dattebayo!" Naruto yelled.

Uzumaki-Namikaze Naruto, blonde with blue eyes, has birth marks on his cheeks making it look like whiskers, he's undeniably charming a smile that can light up room within seconds. He's best friends with Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura. Besides modeling Naruto is also a great dancer sometimes competing in dance contest.

He's famous for being one of the top three teen models in Japan, heir of the Uzumaki corp. and son of the President, he's also famous for his love for ramen and his catchphrase 'dattebayo'. He started modeling along with his two best friends at the age of 12.

Naruto is a kind boy and always tries to look for the best in people but push him to his limits and he won't be so merciful.

"Urusai, usuratonkachi." Sasuke said.

Uchiha Sasuke, number 1 teen model in Japan, raven hair, dark obsidian eyes, pale skin, tall, dark, and mysterious. Sasuke is a man of few words, but his fangirls would say that that's what makes him look more attractive. Sasuke modeled with his best friend Naruto and girlfriend Sakura. Sasuke not only models but he also sings making girls go gaga for him even more,

Sasuke is not only famous for his looks but also because he is heir to the Uchiha corp. The Uchiha family is richest family/clan in all of Japan not only because of their history but also because of both they have with the other two richest clan in Japan. Uzumaki coming in second and Haruno coming in third.

"Let's just go to the villa I wanna nap. Kakashi-sensei what's our schedule?" Sakura asked.

Haruno-Senju Sakura, top teen model, also voted as Japan's beauty, with her Sakura pink hair and jade green eyes, heart shape face and while her forehead is larger than most it suits her especially with her purple diamond birthmark sitting on top in the middle of her forehead like a crown.

Sakura started model because of her other best friend Yamanaka Ino, they both entered modeling camp together and their friendship turned into a friendly rival. There she met Sasuke and Naruto, at first she was hesitant to approach them but then slowly but surely they got close, when they found out they were put into the same group they were ecstatic.

The reason why Sakura has Senju in her name is because she unfortunately her parents had gotten into an accident when she was fourteen, but she was adopted by Senju Tsunade, a close friend of the Harunos'. She didn't want to change her last name in memory of her parents, so she kept the Haruno name continuing their legacy.

The Haruno's produced some of the best doctors and nurses in Japan. They own over 1/3 of the hospitals in the country and Sakura's dream is to become a world renown doctor like her parents and Tsunade but as of right now she'll stick with modeling and acting.

"Nothing actually, you're free for the day but tomorrow Sakura you have a parfum commercial to shoot at noon and Sasuke and Naruto you guys have to a photoshoot later that evening, as for the night you guys are free." Kakashi told them.

Hatake Kakashi, handsome, mysterious, tall, he wears a face mask covering half of his face and has a scar in his left eye.

Kakashi is their mentors and manager, he grew up in the limelight, so he knew how to deal with it.

Together they're called Squad 7 because during training camp those who passed the final exam were put in groups of three two guys and a girl. They were all assigned to mentors to show them all the ropes in the industry.

Squad 7 was the best of the best, they were also called the national's treasure.

"Thank goodness!" Sakura exclaimed as she starched.

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