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"tell me that you love me even if it's fake."


"So do you also love her?" he pointed his tiny fingers towards Delilah.

Her brain stutters for a second, and her eyes take in more light than she anticipated; everything in her body comes to a halt while her thoughts catch up. Her palm grips the storybook even tighter, her head still absorbing Ryan's words from less than a minute before.

She shifted her gaze to Maxwell, who appeared to be immersed in his own world. His fingers were intertwined, and his eyes were hard as if he wasn't paying attention to the world around him because he was so absorbed in his own thoughts.

Delilah's head snapped towards Alisia when she heard her words "Of course silly, there are married. Why would they marry each other if they don't love each other?"

If only she knew.

Ryan glared at Alisia, his lips forming into a pout from Alisia's words of mockery as he went closer to her and whispered something so quiet, she was doubtful whether Alisia could ever hear him or not. Alisia looked at Ryan's face for a second before her face bloomed into a huge grin, as she went towards Maxwell along with Ryan.

They both stepped towards Maxwell, making him look at them with a small fake smile on his face. 

They both held Maxwell's hand, dragging him up causing him to get up reluctantly, his brows furrowed as he glanced at Delilah's face once but as soon as he saw that she was staring at him, he got flustered and turned his head away.

"W-What happened? Why did you make me get up from my place sweetheart?" he asked Ryan, bending a little, placing his hand on his knees to get down to Ryan's height.

He still loves kids, she thought as she looks at the soft look on Maxwell's face when he looks at Ryan and Alisia.

She remembers how he used to talk about having kids of his own one day, and then he used to get nervous thinking what would happen if he turned out to be like his father because after all, kids learn what they see in their family.  To this, she used to hug and console him telling him how lucky his future kids and wife would be. She still remembers how he used to reply to that with "Oh so you are saying that you will be very lucky in the future?" 

Her head turned towards Alisia as she felt Alisia pull her hand up, indicating for her to stand up. She stood up and gave a tired smile to Alisia who lifted her hands up, telling Delilah to pick her up which she gladly did. 

Alisia smiled and kissed Delilah's cheek making Delilah chuckle and smile widely at her which didn't go unnoticed by Maxwell who kept staring at Delilah's face.

Ryan pinched Maxwell's cheek to get his attention which worked, as Maxwell turned towards him rubbing his cheek dramatically. 

"What happened?" Maxwell asked, his voice quiet as he sat next to Ryan on the floor. 

"She's really pretty right?" Ryan asked looking at the two sisters standing in the corner, talking about something they weren't aware of.

"Yeah" Maxwell replied dazed, looking at Delilah.

"Wait." Maxwell's head turned towards Ryan as he realized the sentence that left through Ryan's lips. "Which one of them are you calling pretty?" he asked his little brother in a cautious some might say jealous tone.

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