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"Boopie look at the sunset it's so perfect" Zohra said with a big smile.

"I knew you would love to look at it" I said opening the door so we can sit at the single table on the deck

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"I knew you would love to look at it" I said opening the door so we can sit at the single table on the deck.

"You're so perfect" she said smiling at me as she took a seat in the chair I pulled out for her.

"Nah, that's you baby" I said kissing her forehead then I took a seat across from her and grabbed her hand.

"Baby is it bad that I wanna order chicken tenders and fries" she asked looking at me.

"No, get whatever you like baby because I'm only getting something I can pronounce and know what the fuck it is" I said then she started laughing.

"We on the same page because I ain't tryna have my baby sick or me" she said opening her menu then I kissed her hand.

"I gotta admit I'm such a baby when Im sick" I said then she looked up at me.

"So you sick year round" she asked causing me to gasp.

"That's how you feel" I asked taking my hand from her then she started laughing.

"Stop baby I was just playing you know you my lil baby I love how clingy you are and how affectionate you are with me as well" she said causing me to smile then I intertwined our fingers again:

"Gimme kiss" I said leaning over the table then she leaned over and pressed our lips together.

"I love you" she said causing me to smile.

"I love you too beautiful" I said then I kissed her hand.


"When we start our internship in Cali you wanna get a house or apartment" I asked looking up from my well done steak.

"A house because we gone be interns for awhile and we need something that will grow with us" she said causing me to nod.

"Are you gonna be ready to leave your family behind" I asked then she took a sip of her margarita.

"Actually yes I think this what I need because every since my parents passed away I feel somewhat coddled by them and I think being away from them would help me grow a little because every since we been out here you hear how much my phone rings" she said.

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