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Y/N's POV:

Me and Sunny returned back at the daycare's playroom.
I wasn't sure yet if i should stay here until 6 am. Oh and with the  animatronic.

I wasn’t even sure if my friends had already gone back home. Would they really just leave me here alone?
I sat down on the floor and tried to call them to find out where they were at all.

There weren't any answers from any of them.
That was really strange.
Even if the two of them walked back home, they would definitely call back or text me, because they always have phones with them.

"Dammit." I said under my breath.

"What's wrong sunshine?"

I turned my gaze towards Sunny who was lying on his stomach, with his legs raised and drawing something.

"My friends don't answer my calls. I'm a bit worried, what if something happened to them?"
I said.

"What if the signal is the problem?"

I shook my head. "Nah, that's not it."

"Do not worry. I'm sure they'll call back." He told. "Now, i'll cheer you up a bit. Come here, i have glitter glue." he petted the place where I should lie down next to him.
A small smile grew on my face and I joined him.

"Aww, how I remember my childhood days when I was creating with the glue all the time and my cat was always with me."

"Well i'm glad to hear that. It's my favorite activity."
He said with all excitement. "You have a cat? What's it's name?"

"I had one. He was a black cat. I named him Tom." I said.
"Many times the glue spilled on the kitchen's carpet and then my mom yelled at me like: Y/N! Look what a mess you've done. I told you to do not leave the glue open!" I imitated her voice in a funny way so Sunny started giggling.

"You know, I don't like a mess around here either. But i have no problem tidying up for the kids." He said while
we both squeezed plastic bottles with glue on the paper.

"Anyway, do you have any special interests, hobbies?"
He asked me, the smile on his face never fades.

"Well, i like ( your interest in stuff, hobbies)."

"Ah very nice." He nodded.

While we were drawing, I thought a bit that I was at the beginning when we met, very rude to him.
He has an interesting personality even if he's only a robot. 

We chatted for a while and he explained to me various stories how he spends days with the kids.  And he also told me about the other robots here.

I noticed he was quite admiring Roxanne Wolf or shorter Roxy. He began to explain to me all about her and how he could not forget the day she first greeted him.

"So she just said 'Hey' to you?" I raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah, isn't that fascinating?" He said all happy.
"Sure it is bud." I petted his shoulder and chuckeled at his actions.

"Hey, how's your back though? Does it still hurt?" His hand makes it's way on my back, gently strokes it.

"It's alright. Thanks for the help." We looked at each others eyes.

"Anything for you. Besides I was the one who did that."

I slowly nodded and looked back at my paper.
"Hey, Sunny?"

"Hm? Yes Y/N?" He questioned.

"I'd like to apologise, for being rude to you earlier. I offended you, didn't I?"

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