05 | the vanashing

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        THE GROUND STARTED TO SHAKE as trees from the forest were chopped down. The ground shifted under the border of the force field and Thresher's, giant circular sword blades, emerged. "Fall back, now!" T'Challa shouted and everyone didn't think twice as they all started run away from the machines. The Thresher rolled across the field in different directions as they teared the ground.

Cull Obsidian took out several Wakandan warriors with his chained hammer. Bodies being thrown onto the ground or a few meters away from where they were standing. Jordan up to the injured and blasted fire out of her fists towards the large alien. She melted the chain attached to his hammer so it would fall from his grasp, leaving him partly defenseless. With a grunt and wincing at the fire being shot at him he ran up to Jordan and tried punching her. She dodged him as best as she could and punched back with her hands covered in flames.

Just when she was getting the upper hand, she tripped over one of the bodies on the ground. A small gasp left her lips as her forearms landed harshly onto the ground. Cull Obsidian took advantage of her clumsiness and grabbed her leg and threw her ruthlessly into the sky like a rag doll. "Guys! A little help, please!" She cried into her comm.

T'Challa, who now fought Cull Obsidian, spoke into his comms as well. "Who's closest to the girl on fire?"

Panic set into Jordan's mind and body as she felt herself start free falling. Her ears started ringing and any voices in the comms were blocked out. There was a probability she would survive the fall, maybe just a few bruises and possibly a broken arm. But she really didn't want a broken arm. How would she explain to Theo that she fought alongside the Avengers and got a broken arm in the process? She would never hear the end of it. As she got closer to the ground, fire started flickering across her body on its own, though she didn't even notice since her eyes were closed shut.

"I am Groot!" She heard someone exclaim in excitement. Surely that meant she was about to hit the ground, but she didn't.

"Damn girl, you didn't tell us you could do that." She heard Sam through her comms. She opened her eyes and she saw the dust filled sky and no pain whatsoever. Looking down at her body, it was fully covered in flames, and she hovered over the ground.

She furrowed her eyebrows as she went to stand up but instead her body swiftly moved into a straight position. "I'm flying?" She asked to herself in disbelief. Wait till Peter finds out, she thought to herself and let out a laugh. She now noticed how Wanda had come down to the battlefield and crashed the Thresher's. Now flying above everyone else, she sent blasts of fire towards the Outriders that were still alive. Each time one would jump at her it would hiss in pain and go down.

"Guys, we got a Vision situation here." Sam said before and outrider jumped up and tackled in him unto the ground. Since Wanda had appeared to help them, Shuri was alone in the building trying to remove the stone from Vision leaving the pass clear for the others to capture him. The large window and overlooked the field had been broken, with Vision and another body falling to the forest. "Somebody get to Vision!" Steve shouted.

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