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You being on the 3rd week here in Encanto, you noticed that people in town were putting some lanterns and flowers around the village.

"What's up with the decorations in town? Something big gonna happen?" you question Julieta.

"The 51st birthday of me, Pepa and Bruno is nearing so we're getting ready for the celebration." she answered.

"When was it?"

"First Wednesday next month. Just 9 days left and I'm getting one year older again." she calmly explained with a low chuckle.

You just hummed in understanding and eat some of the food she cooked. Just staring at her made you think of your mother, she's kinds as her.

But the difference between them is, Julieta being a talkative one sometimes and your mother was a silent person, she's neither deaf or can't talk. She just doesn't talk that much.

"Y/N! Where are you again?!" a call of some older woman loudly rang around the whole house.

"Ow shit, here we go again. I'm coming!!" you pack some food in your handcrafted knitted bag with a scowl written on your face.

"Where are you going?"

"In the Forest to get some things Abuela asked me to get, with that shape shifting loud mouth dumbass who can beat chicken's ass by nagging too much." she listen carefully at your every words before chuckling.

"Did you just made a nickname just for him?"

"Maybe...? I know that's more of an insult but that is how I see him and you can't change my mind. Adios, Mama Julieta."

You walk out of the room and of course bumped into none other than that shape shifting loud mouth dumbass who can beat chicken's ass by nagging too much.

"Y/N, Camilo, you guys know what you need to get there, right?" Abuela fixed Camilo's collar while saying those.

"Yeah, a tree, right?" she nod. "An evergreen tree, make sure that you'll pick the most wonderful of all."

"You sound like a perfectionist." you mumble, eyeing a small map Agustin gave you earlier. "She do." Camilo whispered.

"You saying something?" she raised a brow. "I said we're going now. Bye! See you never."

Walking out of the house, Camilo motioned you to give the your bag to him. He doesn't want to let a girl lift heavy things on her own, just like what his father taught him.

"Sounds like man, dude. Nice." you playfully compliment his attitude towards a girl.

Once you dropped your bag to his hand, he furrowed his brows in confusion. "What is this? It's too light." he opened the bag and in his surprised, it's empty.

He expected it to be full of girly things, because you being a girl.

"My worth. My brain." he look at you weirdly before understanding what you meant. "Wow, that's impressive."

"You don't need to flatter me. I know you're one of me." you sarcastically chuckle, now started walking inside the forest.


"We've been walking for hours, are we still that far from there?" Camilo heavily pant from the path both of you been walking through.

"I don't know but this map said we need to go to East. Do you know where's the east is?"

"Hah?! How should I know when you're the one who's holding the map? Gimme that." he snatched the map from your hands and eye it for a whole minute. Then, give it back to you.

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