Chapter Twenty-One

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Chapter Twenty-One: Impossible

	"I'm going to Emily's!" I called

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"I'm going to Emily's!" I called.

"You're always over there though." Emmett whined. I rolled my eyes.

"But, Em, you guys are kind of boring." I started joking, Emmett placed a hand over his chest in fake pain.

"You're killing me. You know that. You are killing your brother." He jokingly called.

"Plus, they have Paul." I smiled brightly. This time Emmett rolled his eyes, a smile playing on his lips.

"Paul, Paul, Paul. Well see ya later." Emmett then vampsped to Rosalie sitting on the couch, a smile on her face watching the interaction.

"Do you really want me gone that much?" I fake pouted.

"Sometimes." Emmett started to laugh. I scoffed and threw the closest thing near me at his head. It turned out to be a vase. It hit my target.

"Ow!" Emmett yelled, rubbing his forehead. Rosalie had ducked out of the way. I then picked up my keys and gave everyone a smile.

"Love you guys." I was about to leave when the phone rang. Carlisle picked it up.

"Is it possible for a vampire to go into shock?" Bella's voice rang through the phone.

"Bella, what happened?" Carlisle asked.

"I know this is gonna sound crazy. But I think I'm pregnant." My mouth seemed to hit the floor. And then I did. Black clouded my vision and I collided with the hard ground.

3rd POV

Everyone's attention snapped over when they heard a crash. Artemis laid on the floor unconscious and her head slightly bleeding.

Emmett, the first to snap out of shock, rushes over to Artemis. He pulled her into his arms. He lifts her up in a bridal style. Carlisle was still on the phone with Edward, but his stare was constantly on Artemis.

Carlisle hung up stating that on their way home. He sped over to Artemis who was now laying on the couch. He checked her head. She was healing. The blood stained her light blonde hair.

"Call Paul." Esme stated. They didn't need a fight with the wolves over the imprint. Though she truly did believe the shifter had the right to know.

Jasper nodded. He pulled out his phone. He dialed the number. The phone rang but no one picked up. Jasper cursed under his breath.

"He's not answering." Jasper stated. Emmett looked at the time. He picked up Artemis's phone. He clicked the on button and a picture of Artemis, Paul, and Emmett was the screen saver.

Artemis stood in the middle smiling, Emmett was messing up her hair and Paul was kissing her cheek. A perfect moment she had said.

No password sent him through. He checked the schedule. "Paul's on patrol. Artemis has it in her phone. He should be over in 23 minutes."

"Let's go to the border." Rosalie stated. Everyone looked at her. "He deserves to know. She would want him to be here when she wakes up." They all nodded. Rosalie and Emmett were tasked with going to get the shifter.

Everyone was worried. She had never passed out. No one thought she could. And Paul needed to be here because she was his imprint, she was his girlfriend.

Paul's POV

I was running patrol. I smelled vampires. But not just any vampire, it was the Cullens. Me and Sam ran towards the border.

They had worried expressions on their faces. "Paul, it's Artemis." Those words sent my mind into overdrive.

My heart suddenly felt like a rock falling into my stomach. "She passed out. We didn't know she could. And she hasn't woken up yet." I let out a whine and turned towards Sam.

'Go.' I nodded and jumped over the border. I didn't care about the treaty. I ran as fast as my legs would take me.

I ran so fast I didn't even stop to smell the vampires. Nothing mattered but her. It never did. It never would.

My feet hit the ground pound after pound. I felt sick to my stomach, my heart felt heavy. I felt like my body had been set on fire.

As soon as the Cullen house came into view I seemed to be able to breathe again. I shifted behind some trees. Emmett brought me some sweatpants.

I ran inside. "Where is she?" I panicked.

"She's in her room, honey." Esme stated. I had gotten used to her motherly nature. And it's pretty nice seeing as my mother left when I was 6.

I ran up the stairs and to her room. She was laying on the bed. Blood was in her hair. Tears filled my eyes.

Even passed out on the bed with blood in her hair, she looked like an angel. I walked over to her. I pulled a chair from one of the corners to the side of the bed.

I grabbed her hand as the tears finally fell. "Come on. You have to wake up. I'm waiting. You don't want to keep me waiting." 

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