Chapter 6

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Tia's POV

I wake up feeling refreshed. I look at the clock beside me reading 4:15 pm.

Wow I never take naps. I think.

"It's Darren. Him being unfaithful is draining us. If he doesn't stop, we could die."  Sky explains.

I'm sure he'll come around soon. I think with optimism.

"I'd love to think that too Tia, but we can't keep going to through this. If he doesn't stop soon, we have to reject him."  My wolf tries to be realistic. My heart drops at the thought of having to reject my mate.

But the Moon Goddess put us together! We have to-

" I will not let you hurt us because of him! Remember was Aubrey said? Even the Moon Goddess makes mistakes sometimes." Sky says sternly.

I don't say anything and get out of bed. I walk downstairs to see Caelum on the couch.

I make eye contact with him and can't help but give a smile with a light blush.

"We're falling for him" Sky points out.

I know but it's just a little crush we both have ma-

"He doesn't even deserve to be called our mate." Sky growls.

"Hey Tia, how are you feeling?" Caelum pulls me from my conversation with my wolf.

"Better." I reply

"It's been a while, you should eat." Caelum says, walking towards the kitchen.

"Oh no, I'm not hungry." I lie. Honestly, I'm starving, but I'll get food when they're busy so I don't bother them with having to get me anything.

"Tia I know you're lying. You don't need to be afraid to ask me for anything. Ever." He says sternly.

"Thanks Caelum." I smile.

"Stop thanking me." He says still with his stern voice, but this time it's softer.

I don't say anything. I just look into his gorgeous green eyes. Observing his features from his sharp jawline to his messy blonde curls.

Caelum does the same looking into my eyes as we stay in comfortable silence, until Aubrey walks in.

"Do you kids want food? I was thinking I could make lasagna tonight." Aubrey offers.

"Oh yeah, uhh thanks mom." Caelum breaks our silence.

"Okay! Get out! Get out! Give me about an hour." She kicks us out of the kitchen.

We get to the living room and both burst out laughing. His laugh mesmerizes me. How could someone be so perfect? I guess that I'm finally coming to terms that I'm slowly falling in love with him, regardless of mates.

Caelum's POV

Hearing her laugh makes me genuinely happy. Even with everything she's going through she's still smiling.

When I'm around Tia, I feel at home. I know we've only known each other for less than a week, but I feel like I've known her my whole life.

She falls down onto the couch and her shirt lifts a little, revealing bruises on her stomach. They immediately grabs my attention.

"How'd you get those?" I concern. I lightly brush my hand on the bruises.

"They started showing up when Darren started cheating." She explains. I can see tears start form in her eyes.

Out of instinct, I pull her into my arms and she snuggle into my chest. "I'm so sorry Tia." I nuzzle my face into her neck

"Don't be, it's not your fault."

"I know, but I feel so fucking horrible because of the fact that I can't do anything about it. It's not fair."

She sits up and looks into my eyes, "You being here is enough."  We both lean into a gentle kiss.

It feels like a thousand tiny lighting bolts are on my lips. With her lips on mine I feel comfortable, safe, and where I am meant to be.

She pulls back. I-I'm so sorry. I don't know why I did that. I guess I just feel something and I know you don-" I interrupt her rambling with another passionate kiss.

We finally pull away. "Of course I feel it Tia. Since then moment I met you I felt it. Tia you're perfect so stop saying you're anything less."

Before she could react my mom calls us in. "Dinner is ready! Come eat!"

How does she manage to step in at the worst times possible?

I get up and take Tia's hand, leading us to the dining room.

We take our seats at the table and my mother serves us our food.

"Thank you Aubrey" Tia smiles.

"Thanks mama." I thank my mother.

"Of course children. Now eat up! I worked hard and would not like it to get cold." My mom exclaims.

Tia smiles and digs in.

Darren's POV

I walk out of my offices and suddenly feel like I'm being punched in the stomach. This feeling lingers there for a minute then disappears. About a minute later I feel the same short pain.

What the hell?

"I think it's mate. When someone is unfaithful to their mate, it causes great pain to them. But that couldn't have been sex. Probably just a kiss."  My wolf explains the situation.

Well I don't give a fuck. I try and change the subject from my mate. I don't want her. End of story.

"Why can't we be with her. She's beautiful. I just want her in our arms. We should protect her. What you're doing is causing her pain." My wolf tries to convince. He sounds like Caelum. I don't need a mate. She'll just hold me back from being the alpha I should be. Although I don't disagree on her beauty. Definitely in my top five hottest bitches I've seen. She looks like a good fuck.

"Don't think of mate that way." My wolf gets angry and cuts my off. I don't care, and I still don't want her.


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