The Start Of The Barnes-Rogers Family

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*Steve and Nat get to the hospital and get checked in.*
Steve- how are you feeling??
Nat- like a human is trying to escape my body through the smallest hole in my body..
*Steve nods and rubs her back*
Nurse Cindy- okay, here is your gown. Get changed and in bed and then we will be in to do your intake exam.
*Nat nods and gets ready. Steve starts unpacking her bag*
Steve- here is your robe.. *Nat smiles and kisses Steve*
Nat- thank you Stevie..
*Nat climbs in bed and waits*

*You get Winnie hooked into the car and you make your way to the hospital.. you get Winnie in her wrap and head inside with her strapped to you*
Y/N- hi, Natasha Rogers' room?
Nurse Andy- sorry I can't give you that information..
Y/N- okay, I'll find her on my own..
Nurse Andy- ma'am?!? You can't-
*You wave your hand and keep walking... You call Steve*
Y/N- hey where are you??
Steve- room 300
Y/N- Gotcha! I'm on my way up..

*You walk into the room and make your way over to Nat*
Y/N- how are you feeling?!
Nat- okay... no contractions at the moment.
Y/N- good! Has anyone been in to check you??
Steve- a couple nurses came in a little while ago and did some stuff..
*You nod and look around*
Y/N- Steve have you asked for a bed??
Steve- Umm no- I didn't know-
*You walk back out of the room and walk to the front desk*
Y/N- hi we are going to need a roll away bed for room 300
Nurse- and who are you??
Y/N- I'm their special friend, now can we get a bed??
*The nurse looks shocked and nods. You realize what you said and you try not to laugh*
Y/N- thank you!
*You walk back into the room*
Y/N- okay so good news you've got a bed, bad news I think the nursing staff probably thinks we are all in a relationship...
*Steve looks confused and Nat laughs*
Nat- what's new?!

*You sit next to Nat and Steve rubs her back as a contraction hits. She is handling it like a champ and her labor is going quickly*
Doctor- okay, you're already 5cm.. you want your epidural??
Nat- yes!! Please?!?
*The doctor nods and sets everything up. Tad they are getting ready to do the epidural you walk over to Steve*
Y/N- go stand in front of Nat..
Steve- why??
Y/N- trust me..
*Steve starts to move and he sees the needle.. he turns white and stumbles back.. Nat looks at him and starts to freak*
Nat- what?!? Steve what?!?
Steve/ Umm no-nothing... Ugh that's- nothing. You're fine..
*Nat looks at you and you rub her shoulders*
Y/N- it's okay.. just look at Steve. Steve pull it together... *You smile and he takes a deep breath. He takes Nat's hands and kneels in front of her.. her forehead leans against his and he kisses her nose*
Doctor- okay you're gonna feel a pinch..
*Nat almost screams and she grits her teeth.. Steve whispers calming words and Nat just closes her eyes*
Steve- you're so strong Natasha, you've got this baby... Sarah is almost here..
*Nat lets a tear fall and she nods.. it's over quickly and Nat lays back. He medicine starts and she starts to feel much better*
Nat- I need something to eat..
Steve- I'll go grab you a snack
Y/N- Sadly you can't eat anything *Nat groans* you can have ice chips!
*Nat looks at Steve*
Steve- ice chips it is..
*He smiles and kisses her head and goes to find some ice chips*

*Another few hours go by.. you talk to Nat, she asks for a play by play so you tell her everything, since she asked. You emphasize though that it will all be worth it when she sees Sarah*
Nat- I can't wait to meet her but I'm so scared because she has to come out one way or another..
*You nod and hold her hand.. you sit over to the side and hold Winnie as she sleeps. Steve lays in bed with Nat and just rubs her belly and kisses her head. You take a picture so they can have it later. You slip out and give them a moment*
Steve- this is the last time it will be just us..
Nat- I know... *Nat starts to cry* I never thought I'd be here especially with you.. *She kisses him as she cries* I love you so much Steve.
Steve- I love you too Natasha *He kisses her as he cries*

*it's 9:30 am when there is a knock on the door.*
Bucky- hey hey... do we have a baby yet??
*Bucky whisper as he comes in with Grant.*
Steve- Hey Buck, no not yet. She's almost there though. I think the last time they checked she was 8cm so they are about to get ready to push.
Bucky- this is it Steve... you ready?
Steve- not in the slightest and yes all at the same time!
*Bucky laughs and nods.. Grant reaches for Steve and Steve laughs. He takes Grant and holds him tight*
Steve- I'm gonna have a little baby of my own here pretty soon.. *Grant smiles and gives Steve a slobbery kiss.. he laughs and kisses Grant head. Bucky takes him back and walks to you. He gives you a kiss and then kisses Winnie*
Bucky- so have you been bullying the nurses??
Y/N- James Barnes I would never!
Steve- she has been a lot of help through.. we don't know what to ask but she does.
Nat- we would be lost without her..
*Nat takes your hand and you smile. The doctor walks in*
Doctor- okay, it's time to push..
*You hug Nat and kiss her head. Bucky rubs her shoulder and you head towards the door and head to the waiting room. Everyone else is there and waiting.*
Tony- I feel like we were just here
*Everyone laughs and looks at you and Winnie... Winnie smiles and coos*
Bucky- it's weird to be on this side.. *You laugh and nod*
Y/N- I'm just glad I get to walk out of here!
*Bucky chuckles and kisses you*

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