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Narrator's P.O.V
After talking for a bit more, Taehyung and Yn shouted out for Yoongi to let them out and after confirming that they had talked things out, Taeyung excitedly ran towards the door and unlocked it then he nearly made the couple fall back as he ran towards them with a sudden hug and adorable squeals.

"Hey baby bear!"

Taehyung says as he happily picks up Taeyung in his arms and starts planning kisses on his face, which made his baby bear giggle and Yn smile as she excitedly said;

"Hey baby bear.. we have some news-"

"Is it good news or is it bad news?"

Taeyung asked worriedly as he looked at Yn and then at Taehyung and the two smiled as they both said in unison;

"Good news."

This made Taeyung smile as he asked;

"What is it?!"

His cute reaction made the couple smile at they looked at each other;

"Should you tell him or should I?"

Taehyung asked Yn and before she can even give a response, Taeyung impatiently asked;

"What is it?!"

The two laughed and Yn smiled as she softly says;

"Well baby bear... Appa and I talked things out and we-"

"You're together?!"

Taeyung excitedly asked and Yn shook her head while Taehyung smiled and said,

"No.. not yet but I did tell Eomma that I loved her-"


"A-And I asked her out on a date-"

At the mention of a date, Taeyung immediately perked up and asked;

"Can I come too Appa?"

Yn smiled at she saw Taehyung blushing and she nodded and said;

"Of course you can come.. but before we have our date.. we need your help to move."

"Move? We're moving?.."

"No.. I'M moving back into the house with you and Appa-"

Yn nearly fell back in shock as Taeyung jumped out of Taehyung's arms and into hers in a flash,

"I'm happy about this too."

Yn said with a smile as she hugged Taeyung tightly and Yoongi, who had been standing at the doorway watching the three, teasingly said;

"So when's the wedding?"

His sudden question made the newly couple blush as Taehyung cleared his throat and said;

"Hyung, she hasn't even said yes to being my girlfriend yet-"

"Oh, I see.. so he has to work for it, right Yn?"

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