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- Later in the day 🤸‍♀️ - (because I don't wanna write all that filler of them just going out to kill time until their reservations 🙃🤷‍♀️)

7:30 pm
Narrator's P.O.V
After a long day, the three finally made it home, got ready and dressed and just as they were about to leave the house, Yn quickly stopped in her tracks which made Taehyung and his son look back at her.

"What? Did you forget something Yn?"

Taehyung asked worriedly as she was looking at the floor, then after a moment, she finally looks up at him and says;

"Yeah, I forgot to do this."

Then out of nowhere, Yn gently grabs Taehyung's face, gives him a light peck on the lips then immediately takes his car keys out of his hands, moves away from him, picks up Taeyung in her arms and starts running out of the house, with him giggling at her.

All while Taehyung is standing there.. stunned at what just happened.

Then once he got all of his senses back, he touched his lips then started chuckling as he made his way outside with Yn and Taeyung waiting for him inside the car.

And once he got inside the car, Taehyung said;

"I'm getting you back for that."

"You're just mad that I beat you to it."

Yn says teasingly while winking at him, her actions and response make him smile as he says;

"Well I'm still going to get you back.. and it'll be totally unexpected."

Then he winks at her which makes Yn giggle as she shook her head at him, and while Taehyung was starting to drive the car out of the driveway, Taeyung couldn't help but smile at how the two were interacting.

- 15 minutes later -

Finally at the restaurant, Taehyung opened the door for Yn as she held Taeyung's hand and with a smile she looks at him and says;

"Such a gentleman."

At her words, Taeyung smiled brightly and said;

"I'm a gentlemen too!"

And remembering the list of rules he made, Taehyung smiled as he closed the door and held Yn's hand;

"I'd like to think that he learned from the best."

He said softly which made Yn giggle, and as the three were getting in line, an employee walks up to them with a clipboard in her hand and asks;

"Do you have a reservation with us this evening?

"Yes, I made a reservation for Kim, 2 adults and one child?"

Taehyung said although it sounded more like a question and after looking at her clipboard, she smiles and says;

"Of course. Table for three, right this way Sir."

Taehyung nodded and the three followed the waitress to a table in the back by the window, with a candle burning and a small base with a single red rose in it.

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