New years eve with them

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A/N: Omg I'm so mad I forgot to post this on new years eve and now I'm 5 days late! My sincere apologies! I also I don't know much about new years eve in Japan so it's just mostly just enjoying some fireworks with them

Shinobu Kocho

She likes new years eve

Maybe a stretch but it tells her she survived another year. Another year with you or if you two just started becoming a thing this could be your first year 

She doesn't buy any fireworks unless you want to. She just thinks it's kind of a hassle and she doesn't want anything to go wrong with the fireworks and almost explode the butterfly estate

Shinobu liked it more when other people had fireworks and send it to the sky

You two would watch the firework on the rooftop while drinking tea and having a chat

Sometimes the fireworks gets really loud and that makes you jump. Luckily Shinobu is there to catch you and she suggests you to go inside so you don't actually fall off of the roof because that wouldn't be a good start to a new year

Mitsuri Kanroji

She's over the moon to celebrate new years with you

She's happy to start a new year with you 

Mitsuri's not the most fond of fireworks since they sometimes scare her and makes her flinch. Sometimes they're just too loud and hurts her ears 

You usually watch the fireworks inside since it's too loud for Mitsuri outside

Either way Mitsuri's excited that the fireworks begins to shoot up

She jumps and squeals while dragging you into a bone crushing hug

"OOO look Y/N! The fireworks are so beautiful!" You returned her hug while watching the fireworks. It really was amazing 

Nezuko Kamado

She's like a little excited kid when she grabs you by the hand and drags you outside to watch the fireworks

You loved watching her face since her eyes lit up when the fireworked exploaded in the sky 

There isn't much to say you two just stood and watched the fireworks 

Kanao Tsuyuri

I have a feeling she would be a bit confused with fireworks

"So these weirdly shaped things just exploades in the sky?" She asked and you smiled at her

"Yeah pretty much" 

I can't say she likes or hates them. She thinks they're pretty but sometimes too loud


She doesn't like fireworks. She just watches them because you do

She really had to control herself because this was a perfect time for her to go on a hunt. There were so many people down below she could lure and feast on but no she had to stay up with you

She did like to watch your face though. She obviosuly didn't see the what was so nice with fireworks, she did think they were pretty but that was all 

Daki has seen fireworks very many times through all her years as an orian but she still didn't like them 

At least she gets to enjoy her view by watching you 

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