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" well, as i said before, thank you. " you let out an airy laugh, grabbing both of his hands. "Have you ever danced before? "

"Yeah! " he let go of your hands, dancing like waves.

"No, silly not like that. " you held out your hands to him, raising your eyebrows with a smile.

He grabbed onto your hands and you slowly led them to your waist, placing them on there.

"Now, you hold there. " you looked up at his face, surprised he wasn't flustered. "And i hold here. " you put your arms around his neck, grinning at him.

Of course, he grinned back because he's always smiling.

"And we move back and forth and sideways. " you started moving around; it was hard for him to learn but he caught on.

(I don't know how to slow dance even though we learned how in elementary but i forgot )

"Y/n, what's this dance called? " he asked, still dancing with you.

"Slow dancing, you're supposed to have music in the background but it's fine just like this. " you told him, resting your head on his chest plates. "You learned fast. "

"Well, i absorb data- " you put a finger over his grin, interrupting him with a 'shh.'

"Do you hear that?  " you let go of his neck, his hands still on your waist. "Look. " you whisper yelled, wiggling out of his grip and stalking over to the windows to look outside.

A white bunny stood there, glowing pink eyes. She was looking around the area..like she was searching for something.


You ducked down as you saw another person walking up to the bunny, white hair flowing behind them..

"Oh my gosh.. noelle? " you frowned at the idea, poking your head back up. You heard metal footsteps running your way; turning your head, you were met with a pair of white eyes. "Sunny..i think Noelle is- "

He covered your mouth with his hand, wrapping his other arm around your waist.

"Noelle is confronting the bunny." You widened your eyes at what he had said, looking over to Noelle again. She looked like she was arguing with the bunny but it might've not been confronting.

You took Sunny's hand off of your mouth, leaving his 'hug'. You pressed your ear against the glass , listening to their conversation.

" is y/n here for her shift tonight? " a robotic voice asked.

" yes, she's probably with Sunny. "

" well, i won't have to worry about her then. "

"  i guess not. "

" i'll be on my way then. "

" i don't want to see you again. "

" loud and clear, Noelle. " the voice said her name creepily, making you shuffle away from the glass.

" Noelle is against us! " you shook Sunny, getting up from the ground.

" what if she set me up and my co-worker isn't sick? "

Tea ig ☕

Sorry if there is so many things going on with my own characters , it's just hard to make a plot for a sunnydrop x reader because he is only in the game for i'd say 10 minutes depending on how long you stay with him. So i want to make it sorta interesting?

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