With Anyone Else

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*The rest of the team comes in and meets Sarah. Tony gives Steve a hug and Pepper hugs Nat. Sam holds Sarah and Yelena talks with Nat and then has her turn to hold Sarah. She is absolutely in love. Grant sits on the bed next to Nat and just watches everyone hold Sarah. Then when Peter holds Winnie, Grant gets protective and he doesn't know what to do.. to watch Sarah or Winnie.. you chuckle and Bucky picks him up and holds him where he can see both girls. He just keeps looking at anyone who comes close to Winnie or Sarah with the Barnes Stare down... then he looks at Winnie with a loving big brother smile, then he looks at Sarah and he is just awe struck. You hold Grant and he looks up at you*
Y/N- do you like your new friend Sarah??
*Grant smiles and lays his head against your shoulder. Wanda and Vision walk in and Wanda starts to tear up*
Nat- oh Wanda?! Are you okay??
Wanda- yeah! I was just overwhelmed by all the love I feel in here.
Nat- can you- Is Sarah?
Wanda- she's happy and safe... she feels so loved.
*Nat and Steve tear up and hold her tight*
Wanda- Grant is all Yellow and Pink..
*You smile and look at him*
Y/N- you're all happy and loving.. huh?? *Grant smiles and laughs*
Wanda- Winnie is all Pink and white... loved and safe.
*You look at Winnie snuggled up in Bucky's arms and she smiles*
Wanda- there is some red in Grant's mind when anyone gets too close to Winnie and especially Sarah...
*You all laugh and Steve looks over at Grant.. he crouched in front of him*
Steve- I appreciate the love Little Wolf but she's my little girl.. *Grant gives him a stare down and Steve laughs.. he tickles Grant and Grant smiles*
Bucky- hey Little Wolf... keep the stares to minimum..
*Grant looks at Bucky and stares him down.. Bucky stares back and then Bucky laughs and covers his face.. you kiss him and he squeals.. it's Nap time for Grant and Winnie so you pack up and get ready to head home*
Y/N- okay, if you need anything call me, okay?! Also don't be afraid to call the nurses.
Steve- okay, will do.
Nat- thank you so much y/n... we will probably be home tomorrow morning.. or they may send me him tonight, I'm not sure.
Y/N- if you feel like you need the night then push for it.. and if I need to have Bucky come down here and go Winter on them I will, hell I'll go Odette on them, just say the word..
*Steve and Nat laugh*
Steve- we know.. alright get these little ones home..
*He rubs Winnie's head and she smiles in her sleep*

*Bucky went ahead and already had Grant home and eating Linch by the time you walk in with Winnie.. he sees you and walks over.. he takes Winnie's carrier out of your hands and kisses you*
Bucky- go sleep.. now. I'll bottle feed Winnie after I get Grant down for nap. You need to sleep *You nod and kiss Bucky.. you then come back and take Winnie*
Y/N- it was a sweet gesture but I need my baby.. can you still handle Grant though??
Bucky- yeah, I've got him.. *He kisses you and you walk back to your room. You get comfy and nurse Winnie. She hangs onto your chest and holds your finger.. she falls asleep and you have to wake her up to finish... after a sleepless night this is what you needed, just some time with your sweet Winnie boo.*
Y/N- hey Win... I want you to know how much I love you.. my little girl. *You kiss her head and she smiles. You lay her down and get her to sleep and then you pass out.*

*You wake up to a tiny little hand on your face and a tiny little body trying g to snuggle as close as possible to you.. You chuckle and open your eyes.. You see Grant's big blue eyes staring up at you*
Y/N- what in the world?! Did you crawl out of your crib?! *He smiles and snuggles closer* you still sleepy?? Huh?? *You hold him close and Rick him back to sleep.. you hold him in your arms and fall back asleep as well. You wake up a little while later to Bucky slipping in bed behind you. He wraps his arms around your waist and kisses your neck.. you smile and lean back into him. You all take a nap together. You wake up to Grant kissing your face*
Y/N- hey Little Wolf... you have a good nap??
*He smiles*
Bucky- did you get him?
Y/N- No! I think he crawled out of his crib..
Bucky- our world just changed big time..
Y/N- yup!
*Bucky laughs and tickles Grant.. Grant laughs and wiggles around.. Winnie's little arms stretch up and you see them poke out of the bassinet. You laugh and sit up.. Bucky takes Grant and you get Winnie. She smiles and coos.*
Y/N- she's getting so alert, looking around and smiling.
Bucky- I know, it's exciting and sad all at the same time.. I want her to stay this squishy little baby..
*You laugh and nod.. Bucky squeezes her little cheeks and she smiles and coos. She lays on your shoulder and just stares at Bucky and Grant... Grant looks at her and smiles... he starts playing peek-a-boo and she loves it.. you and Bucky just laugh and watch your kids play with one another. After awhile you look at Bucky*
Y/N- you wanna go on a walk??
*Bucky nods and starts to get up.. Grant pulls up on you and jumps to Bucky.. he laughs and catches Grant and lifts him in the air. You laugh and climb out of bed.. you change Winnie and Bucky changes Grant. Bucky gets Winnie's seat in the stroller and he gets Grant's walker. You get Winnie strapped in and you all walk outside. You grab some chalk and bubbles*
Y/N- Grant? You wanna draw something for Sarah? For when she comes home??
*He smiles and pushes his walker over. You hand him some chalk and he starts to draw on the driveway. You park Winnie's stroller and you get on the ground with Grant. You write "Welcome Home Sarah!" On the driveway and draw a little stork carrying a baby.*
Bucky- looks good, but I think it's suppose to rain tonight..
Y/N- what?!? No!
*Bucky shrugs. He takes a picture*
Bucky- There now we have proof.. just in case..
*You laugh and brush off your hands... you get Grant up and behind his walker and he takes off. You stroll with Winnie and Bucky and you follow Grant around the driveway and around the compound*
Bucky- I can't believe it's almost Christmas again..
Y/N- I know! This year flew by with all of the carp we went through and then the little blessing of this princess.. *You smiles and shake Winnie's foot. She coos*
*You've been outside for almost 2 hours*
Bucky- okay Little Wolf, one more lap and then we've got to go in.. *Grant pouts and start to cry* We've got to eat dinner! You want some Mac and cheese?!? *Grant stops pouting and smiles.. he claps*
Y/N- I think that's a yes, you're making Mac and cheese for dinner now.
*Bucky nods and laughs*

*You head in and get ready for dinner. You feed Winnie and get Grant hooked into his seat.. you hand him some apple slices and he devours them... you then hand him some puffs and he eats them all. You give him a banana and he eats every bit of it*
Y/N- you hungry?!?
*He smiles and then whines. He reaches for you and the does sign langue for "more"*
Bucky- dinners almost ready.. just a couple more minutes.. *He rubs Grant head*
Y/N- he must be going through a growth spurt..
Bucky- yeah.. I think we need to have Bruce run some more tests-
Y/N- my baby is fine..
Bucky- yes he is but he also has super soldier serum... he sleeps more then what is normal and he can eat all day and still be hungry. I wonder if we maybe need to be feeding him more.
Y/N- maybe... I don't want to think about that now though..
*Bucky nods and kisses your head. He gets Grants food ready and cooled and Grant eats it all and wants more... Bucky looks at you and you laugh. You give Grant another helping of veggies and chicken and he eats it all and now he finally seems to be full.*
Bucky- you full Little Wolf??
*He rubs his eyes and nods.. you and Bucky finish up and then get him bathed.. you get Winnie bathed and she loves the warm water.. Grant is about to fall asleep in the tub. You get him dressed and in his crib while Bucky dresses Winnie. Grant is asleep as soon as you lay him down*
Y/N- he is out..
Bucky- ha! She is wide awake.
Y/N- oh no... *You laugh* you need some milk to get sleepy? Huh??
*She smiles and coos. You get in bed and nurse her.. she falls asleep and you look at Bucky*
Y/N- works every time... *Bucky laughs*
Bucky- well I know I love to fall asleep against your breast as well..
*You roll your eyes and laugh*
Y/N- okay... do you think we should try her crib??
Bucky- we can... and then if we want we can move her in here after her night feed..
*You smile and nod.. you get her burped and swaddled. You lay her in her crib and make sure the monitor is on... you close the door and look at Bucky, he is laying on his back on the bed with his eyes closed.. you chuckle and crawl over to him.. you lay down and wrap your arms around him.. he smiles and rubs your back.. you kiss his chest and just lay there like that for awhile... Bucky let's his hands slips a little lower and lower until his hand is on your ass.. you kiss his chest and lay your hand across his waist.*
Y/N- I love you Bucky.. I'd never be able to do this without you and I'd never want to do this with anyone else.
*Bucky kisses your head and holds you tight. He turns you over on your back and kisses you. He rubs your leg and lays down on you.. you wrap your arms around his back and hold his mouth close.. he smiles and kisses his way down your body.. he lifts off your shirt and takes off your bra, then he leaves.. you sit up and watch as he walks back in with a handful of clothes.. he slips one of his shirts over your head and pulls your pants and underwear off.. he slips on a clean pair and gives you a little kiss on your clothed clit but that's all.. you smile and pull him back up to you. You slip off his shirt and his pants and boxers. You slip on a clean pair and slide on his gray sweatpants... you both quickly brush your teeth and get ready for bed. You lay down and Bucky lays in your arms, his head against your breast and his body laying between your legs. You ru his back and play with his hair. He falls asleep and so do you.*

Nat- she won't stop crying!!
Steve- she peed on me!!
Nat- she only sleeps in my arms..
Steve- I'm so tired
Nat/Steve- We need to call y/n!!

‼️So I wanted to let y'all know that this story will be ending soon! But the sequel will start soon after!! ❤️❤️‼️

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