Ch.13: Exploration Team.

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(Y/n) glares at the doctor next to her as they were waiting for the decontamination room to finish its process. Dr. Lace hums a song while looking down at her tablet. When the cell's door opens, (Y/n) enters first followed by the older doctor, as soon as the door closes, Lace looks around the room.

"Where is Experiment 703?" Lace frowns.

"On the ceiling, probably waiting for you to make a move so he can have an excuse to rip the guts out of your body" (Y/n) looks up and sees 703 glaring down at the older doctor.

Normally, he would get up there just to mess with his doctor but now, he was tempted to kill the woman that came with his doctor.

Lace takes a deep breath and looks at the doctor in front of her.

"Dr. (L/n), if you don't mind..." she wasn't showing it, but she was scared of the things that 703 could do.

"703, we need to talk..."

The experiment looks at his doctor and gets down from the ceiling standing next to her.

"Just say the word and I will get rid of her" 703 mutters on her ear.

"We can't... well, we shouldn't" she responds.

"Say who?"

Lace clears her throat "Now that I have your attention, I would like to announce that you two are joining the exploration team, we receive information from the last team about a new variant of the virus growing on C-City. They managed to send the information but they couldn't make it back" she frowns "They had taken DNA samples from the new variant but said samples were left behind... I'm sending a group to recover them, Dr. (L/n), you are one of the best doctors on the lab so you'll send for medical aid in case that something goes wrong..." she looks at the experiment "You'll go with them, to avoid something wrong to happen"

703 frowns and looks at his doctor.

"We don't have to go"

"Well, not you, Experiment 703" Lace points at (Y/n) "But Dr. (L/n) is very well needed, if you decide to accompany her it's up to you, but of course, you have to compromise to protect the rest of the group as well" she walks to the door opening it with her card "We will be waiting on the conference room... you have five minutes" she exits the cell.

(Y/n) takes a deep breath and looks at the experiment that was glaring at the door.

"You should've let me rip her throat off" he groans.

"For the last time, you can't kill everyone that bothers you" she puts her suitcase on the bed opening it.

"But I want to kill everyone that bothers you" he mutters.

(Y/n) looks at him "What did you say?" she tilts her head.

"Nothing..." he walks behind her and leans down to rest his head over her shoulder "What do you have there?"

She takes out a bag and places it on the bed.

"If you accept to come with us then you have to wear this black shirt and cargo pants"

He frowns "A guard's clothing..."

"Yep..." she looks down at the clothes "You don't have to come if you don't want to..."

"I don't want to and don't like that old hag giving me orders but I can't let you go alone, you'll get killed..." he walks next to her and grabs the bag with the clothes.

"I'm a S-Class Doctor, 703, I think I can take care of myself"

He looks at her and raises an eyebrow.

"Can I remind you that the only reason why you are alive is it because I had mercy on you?"


He chuckles and shakes his head leaving the bag on the bed.

"Very well, doc..." he stands in front of her a few inches from her face "I am a S-Class Mutant, the most dangerous of all and I plan to attack you... what do you do?"

"Well, for starters I will-"

"Too late" he grabs her wrists and pushes her against the wall holding her wrist on each side of her head "Now you are trapped..." he leans down to get closer to her face "What are you going to do?" he mutters.

"I-I..." she blushes and looks to the side thinking.

"The more you think the hungrier I get..." he looks at her eyes "I could eat you up right now..."

Her eyes shine "Oh! I remembered something!" she slips under his arm and walks towards the suitcase.

He looks at her with an annoyed look on his eyes.

"Since Dr. Lace knew that you were coming with us, she approved me a new medicine for you" she takes out a little case and opens it showing a syringe "It lasts only eight hours and it makes you incapable of infecting another human"

"Is it a cure?" he tilts his head and walks closer to her.

"Well... not really" she looks at him "It only affects certain mutants, its production takes at least six months and it's really expensive... it's more like a short solution for a long term problem, luckily enough, I ran the tests with your blood and it ended positive... so..." she takes the syringe out "Please take a seat" she pats the bed.

He groans and sits on the bed "Is it going to hurt?"

"Nope" she holds his arm looking for a vein.

He looks at her as she puts the liquid on his system.

"Say, doctor... if I do well on this exploration will you reward me?"

She chuckles "Sure, how many sundaes do you want?" she takes the syringe out and places it into the case closing it.

"I'll tell you later" he stands up and starts taking his shirt off.

She clears her throat and looks at the suitcase taking another bag as the experiment changes clothes.

"What's that?" he looks at her hands.

"My set of clothes, after all, I can't go out there wearing heels and a tube skirt" she looks at him "Please look at the other side, we don't have the time to go to my room so I can get changed... and I would change in the decontamination room but there's a camera in there..."

He sighs and turns around looking directly at the wall as he hears his doctor behind him changing clothes. After a minute, she taps his shoulder making him turn around to look at her.

She was wearing a black shirt with green skirt-short and black shoes.

"One more thing" she takes a little case from her suitcase and opens it "We are going to use these bugs to communicate with each other, in case we get separated" she places an ear piece on his ear.

"I'm not going to let you walk out of my sight"

She chuckles and looks at his eyes "We are going with a group... so it's in case that the group gets separated" she closes her suitcase grabbing it "Let's go..." she walks towards the exit with the experiment behind her.


Entering into the conference room, (Y/n) sees four other people along with Dr. Lace. The young doctor managed to recognize S-Class Guard Lucas Vazquez, S-Class Guard Sveta Orlov, S-Class Explorer Fay Jane and S-Class Sniper Mark Gunman.

"Glad to see that you decided to join us, Experiment 703" Dr. Lace looks at the experiment with a grin as he glares at every person in front of them.

(Y/n) places a hand on his arm calming him down a little bit. He takes a deep breath and stares at Dr. Lace before speaking.

"I'm here to make sure that nobody gets too close to my doctor"

"Is that a threat, boy?" the sniper glares at him "Why aren't you shocking him? And why he isn't wearing a muzzle? Are you sure that you are the S-Class doctor that is supposed to take care of us?" he turns to look at (Y/n).

She nods "Yes, it was a threat, I apologize for that since 703 presents some anger issues and I can't do anything to change that. I'm not shocking him because he doesn't present any kind to danger to you or the other humans around and since he was injected with Anti-I8 he doesn't need a muzzle... lastly, yes, I am the S-Class doctor that will heal you in case of need or amputate you if you have an infected limb and even kill you mercifully if you are beyond salvation, pleased to meet you"

The sniper frowns "What the fuck is Anti-I8?"

"Anti-Infection 8" Sveta talks looking down at her gun "It helps the experiment to avoid infecting another human being within the eight hours that it's injected"

Lucas tilts his head "And how does it work?" he looks at the young doctor.

"Normally, a person gets contaminated when the fluids of an infected meets a wet spot of a human... like an open wound-"

The door opens revealing another pair of persons... one of them was a nervous looking doctor followed by an experiment that had its face covered with the exception of its nose. He was wearing a tight straitjacket and kept shivering as if he was excited by something.

Everyone on the room could hear muffled chuckles from the weird experiment.

"S-Sorry I'm late, I'm S-Class doctor Joan Porco and this is the experiment that I'm working with..." she signals the experiment.

Everyone was a little confused as they stared back at Dr. Lace waiting for an explanation.

"B-Class Experiment 111" she looks at the group "He is really good with his nose, he can even find the needle in a haystack by smelling the metallic from the needle"

The experiment's laughs become a little louder as he starts speaking.

"I smell something sweet... sweet, sweet, sweetness" he turns to look at Sveta "Is it you?" he chuckles "No, you smell like vodka and powder" he looks at the sniper "No... cigarettes and old skin" he finally looks at (Y/n) "You... you must be my sweet lady..." he approaches quickly to her and before Dr. Joan could press the button to shock him, 703 grabs the head of 111 slamming it on the wall as his hand goes through his skull killing Experiment 111 in the moment.

Everyone stares in shock as 703 cleans his hand on his pants. Sveta trembles with a frown on her eyes as she held her gun tightly, she was about to shot the experiment but 703 beat her to it... she wasn't afraid of him... she hated him.

"I told you... I won't let anyone get too close to my doctor... I don't give a shit if they are ghouls, mutants or humans... I will kill you all equally..."

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