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I am happy to tell you all that my next book about Emberlynn and Fred is published! There are two parts published so far. The first part is not an actual chapter, it's some information about the story and a cast list of all the characters. And the second part is the first chapter of the book!

I'm so excited for this book. I have so many fresh ideas on how to create so much drama and fun for these wonderful characters in my book!

I know in this book I really went every which way I could possibly go. By that I mean the drama was extreme and both Fred and Emberlynn were bipolar asf (I AM SO SORRY LMAO).

So in this new book I want to give Emberlynn and Fred a new start in a different reality and I'm going to see where my mind takes me with the story.

I hope some of you will give the new book a chance! I love every single one of you!😙


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