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Dutchess 👀

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Dutchess 👀

i have school in 3 hours but do i care? no.

ok soooo ik i already did this chapter but reposting it better.

" she wouldn't do that, right? " you looked over to sunny with a questioning look. the only thing you got from him was a shrug of his shoulders. " i really hope not. "

"i don't think she'd do that at all. i've known noelle for a long time. " you felt yourself get mildly jealous at that. you shook the thought away, smiling at him.

" yeah, noelle wouldn't do that. " you heard the lights make a flickering noise before they shut off, engulfing you into darkness.

you sat there for a few seconds, still before moving your hand to your pocket. grabbing your flashlight out and turning it on, you were met with moons face inches from yours.

" i wish i could play with you dear but i have a child to find. " he bounced away, leaving you there with your flashlight pointing to the ceiling.

i can't let moon get gregory. you thought, pressing your lips together and shining your flashlight around to make your way to the exit.

you pushed it open, sliding out and heading up the steps. on top was gift shops and such, the painted garage door that led out of the daycare for good was in reach.

you ran over, waiting for the thing to slide up on its own. it opened, making a loud cranking noise before you could duck under and continue your search for gregory down the long hall.

you were about to reach the end to leave the door but the lights flickered back on and you heard something open.

you turned around, freddy stood outside one of the charging stations. he looked in your direction, noticing you standing there. you put on a determined face, rushing over to him and pointing your flashlight up at his face.

" i thought vanessa was the only security guard on duty tonight. " he said to no one in particular, he backed away from my gaze but probably mostly the flashlight burning into his eyes. " what is the matter.." he looked at your name tag that dangled from your lanyard noelle gave you. " y/n. "

" freddy, i'm looking for gregory..to take him home. " you pointed your flashlight towards his chest and then looked back at him. " let him out so we can have a chat. "

" i do not know anyone named gregory nor is there anyone- " he was interrupted by his chest plates opening by themselves. gregory jumped out , staring at you with a slight smile.

" what is it, y/n? " you smiled back at him, crouching down to his level.

his brown hair much messier than before and his shirt now had a few stains on it.

" i'm going to take you home gregory. " he frowned at you, shaking his head and leaning closer to you.

"i don't have a home. " he whispered it just loud enough for you to hear. you felt a knot form in your throat and you patted his shoulder.

" you can come home with me. i'll take you in. " you ruffled his hair, the knot disappearing and a small smile forming on your face.

he smiled back, wrapping his arms around you. you returned the hug, patting his back before you two broke apart.

" one problem: the doors don't open until 6 which is awhile from now. " gregory frowned, the smile on his face seconds ago fading.

" we just have to stick together and we'll be fine. " freddy told us, joining the conversation at a good time.

" and not get caught. " you added on with a light laugh, causing gregory to giggle.

" let's go , superstars. " freddy somehow managed to get a smile on his face, pushing you two forward.

" i'm 18 not 10. " you fixed your lanyard, showing him your age on your card.

" you're still a superstar to me. " freddy's words made a giddy grin appear on your face.

" guys! come on. " gregory yelled causing you to let out another laugh.

sunnydrop pov

as soon as the lights turned back on and i wasn't moon anymore, i searched for y/n but i couldn't find her anywhere. had she left the daycare? i remember from being moon that i told her i was going to find gregory which probably worried her and she left to find gregory and now she's gone and i'm worried and what if she got hurt and and-

" sunny ! " i turned my head to look at the voice, being met with blue eyes surprised me. noelle stood there, hand on her hip. she started looking around, probably looking for the same person i was. " where's y/n? " she asked, stepping into the daycare fully.

" i don't know. " i fiddled with my ringers, missing her voice and missing just her in general.

" well i came to tell you that we are going to be having another animatronic move into the daycare soon. " my eyes lit up at the thought of a new friend that wasn't y/n.

" really! " she nodded her head, moving her hair back behind her shoulders.

" just remember to tell y/n when she gets back. " she did a salute thing with her hand before walking out of the door. leaving me with my thoughts.

idea at the end was from kinda_a_simp

so when the chapter comes where we meet the new animatronic, i'm going to dedicate the chapter to them.

next chapter will be longer. i promise ☠️

anyway moving on. do any of you guys have off today because of snow? or did any of you get snow?

sadly, even though i live up north i'm not getting any all week. pretty sure.

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