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6 days before the triplets 51st birthday ceremony and everyone were doing their thing. Helping each other decorating the town, thinking about the foods that's going to serve and so much more to say everything one by one.

"More, Isabela." Abuela said at the woman who's in charge of decorating the post with flowers.

Isabela use her gift to bloom variety rows of flowers, such as dahlia, carnations, forget-me-not, daisies, and many more.

Abuela said not to make some wild flowers because the event is very important for her, especially to her childs; Pepa, Bruno and to her mother, Julieta.

She just agreed because Abuela said she can just do it at home, to make it safer for the kids in town.

Now, here your are. Helping Luisa do the fountain in the middle in the wide open space of the town.

"There! The water is flowing." she proudly exclaimed, wiping her sweats away. "Thanks, Luisa!" a random person said.

"What's next, Y/N?" she asked. "The trees."

"Got it!" she place the three trees on the three sidelines to make a perfect triangle. "Done!!"

"How fast can you be? Btw, next is..." you scan the list of things both of you need to do again, because you got lost on the track. "Break. Okay, break for 2 hours."

"Got it." she flashed you a thumbs up before sitting on a concrete stairs of a church, cause there's no bench around.

You sigh and about to walk back to Casita but a splash of cold water on your back startled you, causing you to yelp silently.

"Who did tha-" loud laughter of a familiar voice catched your ears, making you turn around and flare an intimidating glare.

"It's not me.~" Camilo turn his heels around with whistle, hands crossed to his back.

"I'll appreciate if you just tell me that it's you who did it." you blankly state. "I've told you, it's not me."

"Tell me it's you or-"

"Or what?" tilting his head to side with a playful smirk. "You're going to hang me on a tree upside down? Tell it to Abuela and Mama?"

Just hearing the mischievous tone of his voice made you feel irritated, it feels like he hit every nerves on your being.

"I'm going to kiss you." he abruptly stopped talking when your lips utter those, but made his smirky face again after a second. "You can do it? Then, do it."

The childrens beside him gasped in surprise. Whispering to each other with some of their child talks.

"If you say so." you made your way to his figure and pull him close to you with his waist using your left hand, causing him go out of balance for a second. "ᵉʰʰ?"

Your right hand's fingers brushed against his left cheek, sly smile crept into your lips. Thumb and index finger now locking his chin, as you near your face close to him.

"Stop that!" he tried to pull away but you just couldn't let go off him yet, until he admits that he's the one who splashed the water on your back.

"What are they doing?" Abuela in the corner asked Dolores awkwardly. "Flirting, perhaps?" the younger female whisper.

You moved your lips to Camilo's ear and whisper, "Now, admit it."

"Fine fine! I did it!" you smile and let go of him. He got out of balance and slumped into the hard ground, causing him to wince in pain.

"I knew you'd say that." you let out a playful hum and walk away in silence, until another splash of water hit your back once again.

Camilo laughed loudly like what he did earlier, making you reach your limit. Do he really want me to kiss him?

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