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"Only love can hurt like this.
Your kisses burn into my skin.
Only love can hurt like this.

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I look to Druig and smile.

My man.

He looks to me amused as I push the loose strands of hair out of my face. I mouth the words Nice jacket. Wanna let me borrow it?

He rolls his eyes and mouths the words No.

Phastos looks to me and says "Maya please come try what I have so far."

I walk over and he hands me the vial. Druig says "That's not going to turn her into the hulk right?"

I scoff and say "Is that your way of saying you wouldn't love me if I was the hulk?"

He shrugs and I kick his leg and Makkari signs "Well, mahd wr'ry kinda made you into your own little version of a hulk."

I grumble and glare at them "Not funny."

Druig says "Phastos, how sure are you about this?"


"No. She isn't consuming something unless you're 100% sure."

I shake my head and say "Druig it's fine. I trust Phastos."

"You don't even know Phastos!" He snaps. I turn towards him raising my hands in defense saying "Druig. Please just calm down."

He sighs and says "I'm sorry. Okay? Just let him go through the chemical make up again. It wouldn't hurt.."

I nod and say "Is that okay Phastos?"

He looks between Druig and I and says "If it'll get him to leave me alone I'll do it."

I look to Druig and say "Druig?"

"I'll leave you alone if you do it, Phastos." He says hesitantly

"Thank you."

I look to Phastos nudging him. He slowly turns his head towards me annoyed and says "Yes?"

"Can you tell me more about Jack?"


Makkari signs "Who's Jack?"

Druig looks to Makkari and signs "Phastos' son."

Makkari's eyes widen and she quickly signs "You have a son?? You have a kid before Gaia could steal one to keep?"

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