Chapter 1

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-beep beep beep-


"Aughhh! Finally first day of 11th grade.."
Venti groaned, smashing his head onto his pillow. Seconds later he finally got up from his bed and stretch his arm wide open and headed to his drawer that was full of clothes. He crouched down to search for some to wear.

He grabbed a white collard shirt and some black skinny pants,he wasn't all stylish and all like the other people in his schools.

He got up from his crouching position,closing the drawer with his feet and headed to his bathroom. He got some rubber band and braided his two aqua light blue front hairs. After that he got some white pair of socks and quickly grabbed his school stuffs and his most important thing is..his flute of course.

He unplugged his phone from the charger and headed downstairs to the kitchen

He saw a note on top right corner of the fridge,he quickly grabbed it and read it

"Your father and I are in a business trip for 8 weeks,take care, leftover in the fridge"

"trip again huh?" He crumbled the paper and threw it away on the trash and headed outside.

The moment he went out he saw the weather not so bright but cloudy and cold, he forgot to bring a jacket so he started feeling goosebumps around his arms. "VENTI!" A scream came in, he turned around and saw Lumin and Aether running towards him with a big bright smile on there faces.

"Oh! Hey Aether , Hey Lumine~!"Venti waved at them back and gave a warm welcomed smile he has.

"Ya guys ready for a new start of SCHOOL NOW!?"Lumine said jumping up and down with excitements. "Yeah now calm your butt down,we're barely even at school."Aether rolled his eyes at Lumine.

"God! So mean already?!"Lumine lightly pushed his shoulders. They both started to push each other side to side roughly while walking on a freaking sidewalk. "Hey! Come on we're gonna be late for school!"Venti interuppted them. "Right! Sorry!"Lumine started heading towards to Venti,same thing as Aether.

Finally they made it to the school gate, seeing barely any new students walking by. "Ahh! Brings me back!"Lumine looked up and down at the school. "Mhm!"Venti agreed and nodded his head. Suddenly he saw someone walking by behind Lumines back.

They had nearly the same hair style as Venti but not braided,it was nearly greenish and has green stripes on its front hair. Venti couldn't stop staring at him, wether or not if he was a new student or not.


"Hey! Hello?! Venti you there?!"Aether snapped his finger to get Venti attention. Venti flinched and shook his head to get rid of his thoughts. "Yeah sorry! Just got distracted."

"By what?"Lumine asked, touching the bottom of her chin.

"Uh nothing! Hurry we can't be late for our schedules."Venti pulled out his phone from his black pants to see what his schedules were.

"Class 1 history,2 science,lunch,3 math and 4 music.! Good thing I brought my flute." Venti smiled widely and placed his phone back inside his pocket and asked both of them.

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