Chapter 5

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BE@T UP ⚠️


Lunch finally ended and we all got up and pretended that nothing just happened. Great,now me and Xiao have to be an act couple. CANT be that hard..right? I mean I did helped him with his arm in the weekends and we did hang out for some time.

But I started to panic. I didn't know how to be in a 'fake' relationship. I never been in one either and I don't think Xiao has either.

We both waved at the twins before we left the cafeteria and walked to our next class. Suddenly I felt Xiao arm wrapped around mine. I asked him "What are you doing..?"i whispered at him.

"We have to act like a 'couple' right? Well there's a lot of girls heading in our way."he pointed forward and holy shit there was a lot of girls staring at us. When we passed by them I could feel the death stare they're giving me. I look back and I could see the girls whispering something that I of course couldn't hear since i was far away. 'This is gonna be harder than I expected now'


"Alright class please memorize those song notes!"the music teacher said who's name is 'kaeya'.Everyone started leaving which leads to me and Xiao alone in the music room.  I was struggling to put my flute in my bag,it made me wanna break my flute in half and just place it in like that but no of course it won't work like that.

"Hey Venti need help?"Xiao asked

"No- get in you stupid flute!"I pressed in my flute again aggressively. "Why not just carry it."He suggested. Oh right. "Oh.."I froze. I could've have thought about that. Damn it.

"Alright then I'll carry it."I said it with a confident voice. I got up from my leg and carried my flute in my hands. We finally left the music room and started walking to our dorms. It was all quiet so I wanted to start a convo "Can't you believe we have to act like a couple now.. "I suddenly brung that up. 'Wait shit why did I say that.. out of all the words,I had to bring up the fake couple stuff.'

He stared at me for a few seconds then looked back forward. "Yeah sorry. If it weren't for that stupid situation we wouldn't be acting like one right now". "But out of all girls you chose me?" I tilted my head at him. "I mean. Your better than the others. So."

'Better?' It suddenly made me felt red in my cheeks when he said that. "Don't know if your flirting but thanks"I shrugged my shoulders.

"Im not flirting I'm just saying. If I were to be flirting I would be doing this." We both stopped walking then Xiao suddenly touched the bottom of my chin and turned my head around to face my head at him. He started to lean closer and closer and I started to panic again.

"Your lips looks quite red. Mind if I kiss?"

'Shoot! Is he about to kiss me?! Shit shit!'

I was so into it that I almost kissed back but I stopped when I realized what I was doing. 'Shit. Why was i into it?! I just met him for only a while. I'm not into him. No way.'

"Okay okay I get it!"I pushed him away. He started to chuckle. 'Did I do something hilarious?'

"Haha were you about to kiss back?"He smirked at me. "No no shut up. Let's just go to the dorm already."I changed the subject and quickly headed to the dorm, not hearing another word from him. 'This guy knows how to make me feel down right embarrass.'

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