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‼️The picture will make more sense after the spicy lol‼️

Bucky- I need you to use your words and be very specific...
*You smirk again*
Y/N- I want it rough and Nasty...
*Bucky smirks and throws you on the bed.. you gasp and smile*
Bucky- you got it!
*Bucky jumps on the bed and covers you with his body*
Y/N- oh Fuck yes! Oh no teasing though! I want to cum so much I almost black out!
*Bucky laughs*
Bucky- Damn y/n... okay, anything else you wanna throw in there?!
Y/N- yeah!
Bucky- well?! *Bucky chuckles*
Y/N- just enjoy yourself baby.. *You smile and rub his face. He smiles and kisses your hand.. he then takes them and traps them above your head*
Bucky-oh I will.. Buckle up y/n..
*You smile as he hops off the bed and grabs the ties and something else... something he ordered online and he's been hiding it from you until he felt you would be up for his gong it*
Y/N- ummm what is that?!? *You smile*
Bucky- oh this?? *He says innocently... he sits up and pulls your shirt off. He moves up and ties your hands together and then to the bed. He whispers in your ear* it's a leg spreader. *He kisses you and you chuckle*
Y/N- well what are you waiting for?!
*Bucky laughs and pulls your pants off but leaves your underwear on. He hooks your feet into the bar... he expands it as far as it will go. You gasp*
Bucky- Mmhmm fuck... *He settles between your legs.* what's the safe word??
Y/N- Build a Bear...
Bucky- good girl... now, what's off limits? You said you wanted rough...
Y/N- I want Winter meets Daddy with White Wolf and a touch of feral attitude.
*Bucky smirks and grabs the bar... he meets your gaze and flips you over with out warning. You gasp, Bucky puts you on your knees and settles behind you.. he spanks you and you yelp*
Bucky- oh you're gonna need to be louder than that!
*He spanks you again*
Y/N- Mmhmm fuck!!
Bucky- there you go!!
*Bucky spanks you again and rubs in between your legs.. he brings his hand back and lays a spank on your center*
Y/N- Mmhmm fuck Daddy!
*Bucky chuckles and pulls your head up by your hair. It hurts but it's so good*
Bucky- daddy's little slut like that?!
Y/N- yes!!
*Bucky reaches for the bedside table and pulls out a knife... you start to squirm*
Bucky- does this make you excited?? Huh?!
Y/N- yes!! God yes!
*Bucky smirks and licks your neck. He sits up and slips the knife in your underwear.. he just starts ripping away.. it's in shreds and it eventually falls off your body.. Bucky takes your shredded underwear and shoves it in your mouth.*
Bucky- I know I said be louder but... I like the sight of your mouth stuffed full... *Shit, you know what he really meant by that and your mouth waters at the thought. He slips the knife between your bra and your skin... he rips through it and it falls off your body.. Bucky leans over you and cuts the straps in half so he can pull it away from your body. Bucky leans back and slaps your ass a couple more times. You moan against the fabric in your mouth. Bucky flips you back over and you land on your back... Bucky smiles and watches you as he takes off his shirt... he sees your eyes widen as they take over his body.. his toned abs and bicep, even his metal arm looks good, fuck*
Bucky- I'm gonna put this mouth to good use.. *Bucky unties his sweats and let's them fall to the ground.. he slips his boxers off and throws them towards the hamper. He moves on the bed and straddles you... you lick your lips and open your mouth.. he slips his dick in your mouth and you close your lips around him... he throws his head back and smiles*
Bucky- your mouth always feels like heaven. Alright, you ready??
*You nod... Bucky leans forward and starts to fuck into your throat. You moan and gag a little, something you haven't done in awhile. Bucky thrust deep and cums in your mouth... he pulls out and some of his cum spills out of your mouth... he Smiles and sighs*
Bucky- that was good... Mmhmm like I said, I love the sight of your mouth full.. *He winks you smile and keep his gaze as you swallow... he bites his lip and looks at you while you lick your lips. He reaches behind him and rubs your clit... you moan and arch your back. Bucky stops and moves off of you*
Bucky- you're turn... you remember how Winter use to eat you out?? *You shoot up as much as you can and look at Bucky... he smirks* yeah I thought you would... *He flips you over again... your legs are spread and Bucky slips between them... He rubs your hips and your ass... he then pulls you down hard against his mouth... he starts to eat you out. You scream as he nibbles on your clit and teases your ass. Your hands are still tied to the bed so you have to fully sit up or else you'll fall forward and you can't really catch yourself. So you can't get away from the sensation that Bucky is creating.*
Y/N- mmmhmm fuck!!!
*Bucky slaps your ass over and over.. you've lost count at this point but you're sure it's close to 30.. tears stain your face as you cum for the third time. You are wet all down your legs. Bucky climbs out from underneath you and bites your ass.. he massages it*
Bucky- Mmhmm your ass is so red! Fucking love it..
*He flips you on your back and you smile... you see his face and he is covered in your wetness*
Y/N- fuck baby, you look so good!
*Bucky smiles and kisses you... he unties your hands and you rub them down Bucky's body.. he thrusts inside of you and bottoms out*
Y/N- fuck!!!
Bucky- so naughty... dirty girl...
*He bites your neck and rubs your clit.*
Y/N- Yesyesyesyes!!!
*Bucky smiles and slips his fingers in your mouth... you suck on them and moan*
Bucky- dirty girl indeed..
*He pulls them out and you smile you stick out your tongue and Bucky laughs*
Bucky- Thats the kinda nasty you meant?! Well okay then!
*Bucky grabs your face and spits in your mouth... he then leans down and kisses you... you smile against his lips and moan as he continues to slam into you*
Bucky- Mmhmm so good princess...
*You rub his chest and whimper.. Bucky leans down and unbuckles you feet.. he pulls you up and off the bed. He slams you against the wall that Winnie's room shares.*
Bucky- shit...*you both look at each other and then look at the monitor. She doesn't wake up*
Y/N- I'm gonna check on her...
*Bucky nods and let's you go... you slip in Winnie's room and look over her crib... she's fine and sound asleep. You sneak back out and jump in Bucky's arms*
Bucky- okay, now where were we... ahhh! Here! *He slams you against the wall that lead to your bathroom, that way no babies are woken up*
Y/N- Mmhmm is Winter coming out to play?!
Bucky(Winter Soldier)- you bet your ass... now shut your mouth and be my good princess or else I'll put that mouth to good use again... but this time I won't be gentle.
*You smile and nod.. he pushes into you and bottoms out... you kiss his neck and he pulls your head back by your hair.. you smile and lunge forward you kiss him and he smiles. He keeps hitting the right spot and you can't help it.. you cum everywhere.*
Y/n- ugh yes!!!!
Bucky(Winter Soldier)- Mmhmm so fucking good!!
Y/N- Mmhmm I need my necklace Sergeant... *You smile and Bucky laughs... he takes his metal hand and wraps it around your neck.. he squeezes ever so slightly and you smile.*
Y/N- yesyesyes!! Mmhmm Sergeant!!
*You cum again and Bucky cums inside you... he pulls out and sets you down.. he slips 4 fingers inside you and his palm is pressed against your clit.. he pulls you forward by your pussy.. he starts moving his hand and your legs give out.. you smiles and scream as you cum again.. all down your legs and Bucky hand. He smiles and pulls it out of you.. he licks it clean and then offers them to you.. you suck them clean and then kiss him*
Bucky(White Wolf)- you've got one more in you, pup?!
Y/N- yes Master *You smirk*
*Bucky launches you to the bed and you bounce on it and land on your stomach.. you laugh and Bucky is behind you instantly*
Bucky(White Wolf)- hang on Pup... white wolf is about to destroy you..
*He slams inside you and pulls you back against him by your hair.. he fucks into you and kisses you. He reaches around and slaps your breast, you yelp and moan... he slaps your ass and bites your neck. He growls in your ear*
Bucky(White Wolf)- little pup just dying to be fucked.. so good and desperate. You're so pretty and ready for anything... Mmhmm look at the way your pretty tits bounce as I fuck you..
*He hits your g- spot over and over... you cum so hard your vision blurs.. he pulls out and lays you down on your back. He settles between your legs. And slides back into you.. he leans down and bites your neck and growls in your ear.. every nerve in your body is on fire and having Bucky like this is driving you crazy. He leans up and slaps your breast again.. it stings but it feels so good. He takes one in his mouth and drains you, he then does the other one.. his mouth sucking on your nipples makes your feel like you're floating.*
Y/N- Mmhmm please Master?!
Bucky(White Wolf)- scream for me!
*You cum screaming and moaning*
Bucky(White Wolf)- yes!!!! *He pulls out and cums on your stomach.. he then move up and you stick out your tongue. He strokes himself and cums on your tongue and your face.. when you said nasty you meant nasty. Bucky smirks and rubs his hands down your body*
Bucky- you look so good baby.. like Christmas, all red and covered in snow..
*You smile and wipe your face.. you lick your fingers clean*
Y/N- well you know how much I love Christmas!
*He laughs and pulls you up. He slaps your ass and throws you over his shoulder. He carry's you to the bathroom. He starts the bath and you climb in. He gets in behind you and rubs your body. You moan and just let him have his way.. he growls in your ear and kisses your neck.. he teases you below the water*
Y/N- Mmhmm Bucky
Bucky- I'm just having some fun..
*Bucky kisses and licks your neck. He massages your breast and rubs your thighs. He washes your body and his and then you two climb out.*
Bucky- stay here *Bucky grabs the towel and drys you off. He then slips your underwear on and kisses your hips... he kisses your stomach and looks up at you.. you laugh*
Y/N- you know something I don't?!
Bucky- No ha! I just wanted to give some love to the belly that brought me my babies.
*You rub his face and pull him up. Your breast press firmly against his chest*
Bucky- you want one of my shirts??
Y/N- No, I want to lay like this all night..
*Bucky nods and picks you up.. he carry's you to the bed and lays you down.*
Bucky- clean sheets and all... *You lay in Bucky's arms.. and just drift off to sleep. Bucky wakes you up with a question*
Bucky- so we've already established that I'm bigger and better than Steve but-
Y/N- where is this going??
Bucky- how good is he?? Like I know I'm pretty damn good but like did he make you pass out in pleasure??
*You laugh and look at him.. he is determined for the answer and you are so tired... you give in in hopes that he'll let you go to sleep*
Y/N- he was good... okay.
Bucky- but like how good?? Multiple orgasms?? Did he make you squirt?!
Y/N- Bucky Barnes?!
Bucky- what?! It's an honest question!
*You sigh*
Y/N- fine, Umm yes he could make me have multiple orgasms but he never really made me squirt.
*Bucky shoots up so happy*
Bucky- really?!? *You laugh*
Y/N- I mean maybe he did like once or twice but it wasn't anywhere near the level that you make me...
*Bucky looks so smug and lays back down. He pulls you close and kisses you*
Y/N- what are you happy now??
Bucky- Yup! Knowing that I'm the only man who can make you pass out from pleasure and squirt to where you soak the bed, yeah I'm pretty fucking happy..
*you laugh and shake your head.. he kisses you and then snuggles his face into your chest.. you smile and finally fall asleep*

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