Chapter 27

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I wanted to thank you all for all the support you have given me and Tessa. When I started writing this, I never ever could have imagined people actually liking this, getting 44 k views. Having 1.3 k people actually like it. And that has motivated me to do so much more - and I did. (one of my short stories are going to be published in a book uwu) And I owe it all to you guys. 

I never really understood all those messages and notes authors usually put in their stories, telling everyone how grateful they were to the fans and how much they helped them. Honestly, I found it stupid - I used to think how people just reading your stuff and commenting on it could actually make you happy. But having you guys, and getting all your supportive comments and just having you love my book, is honestly the best thing to ever happen to me. 

So thank you so so much for everything. 

Okay now I'm going to stop before I actually start crying like a loser. 

* there's smut (poly) sorta. kinda. very little. im sorry. :):) Also, it's terrible, I have never written smuts. Like ever. 


Tessa gasped at the cold feeling of the hard wall, but what made her body shake was Aaron's lips crashing on hers. The kiss was nothing like the ones he'd usually give her. He was always so soft, gentle. But this time it was hard, demanding. Passionate. His hand was wrapped around her neck, choking her.  

And then she was ripped away from the wall, onto another hard surface. A hard surface that started kissing her shoulder and her hair and her ear and her neck. She turned slightly and her eyes met Elijah's kind brown eyes - that were looking at her with lust. Hunger. 

"Wha-. I-."

"Do you want this Risa?" Aaron asked - mumbled - as his lips trailed kisses along her jawline. And the other side of her neck. And he bit the soft skin between her neck and her shoulder. "Do you want us?" 

"Yes," she whispered. And moaned. And moaned some more when she felt another pair of strong arms around her body. Klaus. She just knew it was Klaus. 

"You do, don't you?" Elijah's lips were on her neck once again and Aaron was kissing her face. Her nose. Her cheek. Her jaw. Her temple. Her lips. 

Klaus' lips were on the other side of her neck. His hands were on her waist. And then on her hips. And trailing down. And down. And down. 

Oh God-.

"You greedy little girl," he whispered, biting her neck roughly. 

"Stop stealing her," Damon huffed, moving Aaron to the side. And then he kissed her. 

"What do you want sweetheart?" Aaron asked, his hands roaming around her body. Taking all of her in. 

You. She wanted to say. All of you. She wanted to yell. But she just moaned when Elijah's hand squeezed her breast, playing with her nipples through her clothes. 

"Words love," Klaus taunted. 

"Y-you." She whimpered. "I-I want all of yo-u."

Aaron hummed, satisfied with her response. "Good girl."

"You need to get punished, sweetheart," Klaus whispered. And then he smacked her sex making her yelp and moan more. "You've made some questionable choices recently." Smack. Again. 

"Plea- Please." She arched her back. 

"Please what darling?" Aaron smirked at her. She was shaking and they hadn't even done anything. 

"Please. More." She begged. She didn't care how ridiculous she must have been sounding. She wanted them. She needed them. 

And then she couldn't feel the floor. Her hands instantly wrapped themselves around Aaron's neck as he walked towards the stairs with her in his arms, her legs wrapped around his torso. She couldn't see the walls, or the stairs, or the hazel eyes looking at her with an insane amount of love. Her eyes were shut and whimpers escaped her every time Aaron softly pushed his hardness onto her core.  


"Shh," he hushed her. "I know, darling. I know." He quickly opened the door and entered the room. And then he threw her onto the bed. 

She felt five pairs of arms on her body, Stefan was kneading her breasts while Damon and Elijah were kissing her neck. Klaus was rubbing her through her jeans, and she was rocking herself against him - desperate for some friction.

Aaron's fingers were softly - in feather like brushes - trailing up and down her legs, smirking at the way her body reacted every time. 

"Oh my-. I-. I'm going to-," she moaned, her body writhing underneath them.

"You're going to come already?" Klaus chuckled darkly, his fingers rubbing her faster, pressing against her harder. 

"We haven't even touched you properly baby," Damon whispered. 

"I-. Please. Please."

And he pressed harder. Aaron's grip on her tightened. Damon bit her collarbone and Elijah nibbled on the soft skin of her throat while Stefan tugged at her nipple with his teeth. 

And then her head went above the clouds, her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she let out whimpers and moans, mumbling their names. 

She was in heaven and hell. She was all and nothing. She was alive and dead. And oh god-. Was it incredible. Unimaginable. Ecstatic. 

Tessa's eyes drooped, she exhaled and her body dipped in the bed. But the sound of a belt's buckle made her open her eyes. Her dark brown met Aaron's hazel's hooded darkened eyes. 

"Did you really think it was over, baby?"


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