20- Flashbacks

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Michelle pov

After yesterday with Isabella, I realized something I can't let her get to close, don't get me wrong she's nice all and she bought me a wicked Ax but in the end if she has to choose between me and Sabrina it ain't gonna be me and that I can say without a doubt about almost this whole fucked up family.

I was told that the rest of their family is coming tonight to meet me, so I'm sure that's gonna be a feast. Yeah right!

When Sabrina and Ricardo came back from where ever the hell they were they kept looking at me weird at dinner. I have no idea what that is even about but seriously I'm so over all this bullshit and it hasn't even been that long.

I was just siting by the window trying my guitar out when my door flew opened. "In dad's office now!" Cooper yelled with his Italian accent coming through, I've never really heard it this bad maybe because he is mad.

"You know there is this thing called knocking you baboon." I said looking at him. "Don't try that attitude with me, not now!" he yelled storming off and slamming my door.

Jesus does anyone in this family have a little decency. What the fuck now? Can't I just have a break or does the universe really hate me this much. I let out a groan and slowly made my way to Ricardo's office. When I got there I could here voices I let out a deep breath and knocked on the door. Someone said come in and I opened the door.

When I walked in I saw Ricardo, Cooper,Isabella, Benjamin, Viviane Sabrina why is she even in here and some guy I have never seen before. "Michelle nice of you to join us, this is my old friend Noah."He said pointing to the tall muscular man." Hi Michelle, It's good to see you again. "he said smiling.

"Cool, why am I here?" I asked looking at Ricardo. "Well as you know me and Sabrina went on a little adventure" he said looking at Sabrina. Umm adventure seriously wtf. " So you're very rude son yelled at me to come here just so you could tell me you and your she-devil child went on an 'adventure' " I said angry. "Don't talk about Sabrina like that." Benjamin said defensive which made me roll my eyes.

"I see you've still have that attitude" a voice said coming from behind me. Nonononno it can't be. I turned around and there he stood the man who made my life worse than hell. Hell would have been an upgrade compared to everything he did to me.

"Marcelo so nice of you to take time to come and see us." Ricardo said standing up from his chair."Thanks for inviting me" he said. I could hear him coming closer and I could also hear my heart beat faster and faster.

"Let me introduce you to my family this is my wife Viviane and my kids Benjamin, Isabella, Cooper, Sabrina and family friend Nick and of course Michelle" Ricardo said introducing everyone. Marcelo went and kissed Viviane's hand and shook hands with Ricardo

"When you came to the school and told me you found Michelle I was so overjoyed I couldn't help myself. I needed to see the girl I raised." He Said putting his hand on my shoulder I kept staring at that hand like he was going to hit me any moment. They all kept talking but I completely zoned out and all the flashbacks came flooding

11 years ago

" Pwease daddy I didn't do it I pwomis" 5 year old Michelle begged her father to believe her. He only gave her a look and pushed her away. "Take her away" he told the guards who put her in the car.

"Dad no, please don't send her away" 7 year old Bear begged his father but he made his mind up. As Michelle was put in the car Bear ran up to her and pulled her into a hug " I love you munchkin, I'll see you soon" He said with tears but was ripped away by one of the guards.

The car door closed and they stopped at a building. Michelle hold onto her bunny while walking inside where a tall scary man approached her. "Hi princess what's your name?" he asked. "Michelle" she said shy looking down.

He smiled wickedly at her "Don't you worry I'm going to take care of you very well."

8 years ago

Michelle wakes up in a dungeon chained to a wall feeling weak. "Ellie you okay?" a voice asked "I'm fine" 8 year old Michelle responded. "You should not have made him mad he could have killed you." A little boy who was covered in bruises who was also tied to the wall said.

"I know but you know what he was going to do to you" she responded. " But I'm ready" The boy said. "No Leo the things he does to me is wrong, you don't deserve that. So don't say you're ready." Michelle said looking at him.

"You know I'm fine when he hits and tortures me I can make him stop doing it to you and rather to me." he said determined. "Him hitting and torturing us are not the same to him doing what he is doing now!" Michelle said angry.

When the door opened and Marcelo came in with a tray with a bunch of torture tools.

5 years ago

"How many time do I have to tell you not to talk back!" Marcelo yelled while Leo and Michelle held onto each other tight. He pulled out a gun and aimed it at Leo but Michelle tackled him. They both fought over the gun while 4 shots were fired two in his chess. Michelle looked at his body and threw the gun to the other end of the room.

"Come on Leo we need to go" Michelle said but when she turned around the little boy she saw as her brother for the last 4 years was laying on the floor with blood coming out of his fragile little body. "No, no, no Leo" she said falling on her knees next to him putting her hands on the wound in his stomach.

"Your going to be okay" 11 year old Michelle said with tears flowing. "Thanks for protecting me, I love you" He said weakly. "No this is all my fault Leo you got to fight do you hear me!"she yelled while still crying

" Don't blame yourself, get out of here."He said putting his tiny bloody hands on hers." No Leo, you're the only family that I have, please don't leave me. "she begged. "Ellie I'm tired I can't fight anymore, but I'll always be in your heart. "He said smiling with his bloody mouth.

"No mourners" he said taking his last breath . "No funerals" Michelle said crying. "I always love you Leo" she said.She kissed his forehead and threw a blanket over his lifeless body. Michelle then stood up and got out of that dungeon. She ran and ran until she ran into a women. "Sweetheart are you okay? " the beautiful lady asked.

"I'm Naomi this is my kids Eleanor and Cameron. What's your name?" She said pointing at two kids. "Michelle"

"Omy God your bleeding" Naomi said and Michelle fainted who was also shot but didn't even notice. All she could remember is how Nonna called out "Michelle, Michelle can you hear me?"

Present time

"Michelle, Michelle can you hear me? " Isabella asked. "I'm fine I answered."Yeah you look a little pale love" Viviane said. "I think I'm going to be sick" I said running to a bathroom.

I just kept throwing up everything is just to much I killed him, I shot him twice he was dead and now he's just back. Something is not right

There was a knock on the door. "It's Isabella can I come in?" she asked. "Yeah sure" I answered. She opened the door and looked at me sitting on the floor next to the toilet. "let me help you." she took a towel and helped clean me up. "Thanks" I said as she helped me up from the floor. "What are sisters for" She said smiling at me.

"You don't have to go back, go get some rest okay." she said and placed a kiss on my forehead. I gotta be honest she is really making it hard to hate her right now.

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