Chapter 6

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Before the be@t up scene in the old art room.
"Wait Xiao..may I have a talk to you?"Mr.Albedo called out my name. "Huh...yes sir. You can go without me"I told Venti and he happily nodded and headed out. I took a few steps at his desk and he started to talk about how impressed that I was able to catch up some works and stuff. I really didn't care what he was saying and waited till he let me go.

"Alright that's it, sorry for wasting your time for your lunch"Mr.Albedo smiled and scratched his head. "It's..okay."it wasn't. What a waste of time for me. But I guess I can accept the compliments he gave me. "Thank you sir."I bowed down and left the science room.

I was walking my way to the cafeteria,passing by some old art room,suddenly bumped into four girls that came out from that room.

"Oomph! Ow! Watch where your going would ya."I glared at them. "Oh whoops! Sorry bubs~!"the girl winked at me and walked away with her minions behind her. 'Bubs?'that word made me want to gag.

What a shitty name to call me.

I wanted to see what was inside so i opened the door and poked my head in.

Suddenly i saw a body,laying down on the ground and looked paralyzed.

I started to walked over at them and too my horror it was Venti. He was laying down and looked like a complete knock out.

'What the hell is he doing here?!'

"Venti? Venti?!"I tried to wake him up, his face had a red symbol of a hand. Must be a slap.

I started to had weird feelings that it must be those four girls I bumped into seconds ago. I wasn't sure and I couldn't think right. I was too focused on Him.. I helped him get up from his legs,wrapped his arms around my neck and walked him to the nurse.

We got out of the old art room and headed straight into the nurses office.

Finally made it and I held tightly onto him and told the nurses. "Oh goodness! Don't worry we will do the best we could."the nurses grabbed him from my hand and I let go of him. "Please go straight to lunch while we take care of this. Thanks for sending him."the nurse smiled. I didn't wanna leave him but I just nodded my head and walked out.

While walking to the cafeteria I kept overthinking in my head. 'It had to be the four girls. It must be. It has to' I already knew it has to be since they came out of the old art room. Shit why am I being a detective now.'

I shook my head and went back to the reality. I made it to the lunch table where Lumine and Aether were and they realized I wasn't with Venti. "Huh? Xiao wheres Venti? And why'd you came late?"Aether asked. "Well..erm. I was called to Mr.albedo class and after that I passed by an old art room and bumbled into four girls that came out of there, and randomly one girl call called me 'bubs' ugh.. it sickens me. When I headed inside the art room.. I saw Venti laying there on the ground. He looked beat up pretty..badly"I muttered. I started to have an image of the girls and Venti.

"What!?"they both said the same words. "Will he be okay?!"Lumine asked. She had a worried face on her and I could tell how badly she want to know who did it.. "Yeah-I took him to the nurses office."

'This school is already violent.'

"Damn it,I wish I could visit him after school,but me and Lumine are busy.. Xiao could you please him some company?"Aether stared at me. Begging. "But-I"

"please???" I had no choice but finally said yes. 'What's up with people begging me to say yes..'

"Thank you!"Aether gave me a squeeze of a hug. "Such a supportive friend you are!"Aether broke the hug and gave me a cheeky smile he has.

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