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9 P.M.

"So this why you blocked me? You fucking with drug dealers and quote on quote doctors now" he asked her causing me to wrap my arms around her possessively.

"Say lil nigga obviously you know me and I really don't know you, but don't speak bout me like you actually know me I haven't been in the streets for years so that drug dealer title don't even describe me no and nigga we both gone be doctors real soon why you sad and depressed bout my woman..Come up to her again like you checking shit and yo mama gone be crying in front of the church, and you can believe that"

"You such a man daddy I love you so much" Zo said turning around in my arms then she stood on her tip toes and kissed me passionately.

"I love you so much more sexy" I said smiling then I ran my hands over her ass.

"Zo-" he started again then she held her hand up with her ring causing him to size us.

"You heard my man leave me alone, thank you" she said leaning against me then he walked away.

"Just know I was hitting that first" he said causing me to laugh.

"But he fucks me better" she said cheesing.

"What else we need to get besides the food" I asked looking down at my beautiful queen.

"A big pot, platters, more napkins, and trash bags" she said reading off her printed list causing me to nod.

"I like how you printed off yo list that's cute" I said then she started blushing.

"Thank you" she said then I bent down and kissed her twice on the lips.

"I love you" I said against her lips.

"And I love you" she said kissing me.


"Oh shit sissy you guy's place is nicceee" Majesty said entering the kitchen again.

Everyone was here now except for Shantel and Carlos because he was finishing up work at the shop before he slid over here, it's 8:26 so he should be over soon.

"Thank you, baby you want something to drink" she asked looking up at me.

"No, I'm good mama you need anything" I questioned looking down at her.

"A kiss would be nice" she said standing in between my legs.

Caressing her face I bent down and kissed her deeply making sure to explore her mouth with my tongue for a little while then I pulled away by sucking on her bottom lip.

"I love you" I said smiling.

"I love you too" she said looking up at me with rosy cheeks.

"The party has arrived" Carlos loud ass announced coming in the house.

"Why you so loud bitch" Durk asked causing me to laugh then I got off the counter.

"You niggas hanging up on me already" he asked then I grabbed Zo's hand and walked over to them.

"Man ain't nobody doing shit, but Shantel this is my baby Zohra and Zohra this is Shantel Carlos' girl slash my bald headed ass cousin who don't show up to shit" I said then she mugged me.

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