Chapter 24

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My body became rigid from fear as we all turned to face Ace who had magically appeared in the doorway. His jaw was clenched and his eyes showed daggers at Mia. I could almost feel the rage pouring out of him as he stared down at the cowering girls.

He held his hand out for the phone. "Hand it over."

I finally broke free of his death stare and turned to see Mia who's blue eyes were glistening with fresh tears. With a shaking hand she handed it over to Ace's hand, and he quickly took it and placed it in the back pocket of his pants.

"So," Ace looked at each of our faces, "who's idea was it?"

I gulped and looked around at the other girls to see them all sharing looks between one another. Then a brown haired girl pointed a finger at Mia.

"She saw it and thought it was a good idea to try and get out."

Mia finally snapped out of whatever terrified trance she was in and shook her head furiously. "No, it wasn't me. I swear." Tears streamed down her cheeks as she continued to shake her head and plead with Ace.

Ace just stood there and waited out her small panic attack until she was left a hiccuping mess. He then, with lightning fast speed, clamped one of his hands around the top of her arm causing everyone in the room to jump, including Mia who was now screaming hysterically.

"Everyone follow me," I heard Ace say over Mia's screeches. "I'll show you what I'll do to people who try to escape."

Ace grabbed Mia by her blond locks and his hand away from her arm, and tugged her towards the semi-open door. He used his foot to kick it the rest of the way open and then we all followed him out of the door and down the hall. The only sounds other than the obvious screams coming from Mia was my heartbeat that pounded loudly inside my head.

What was Ace going to do to her?

We then came to the smelly grey part of the hallway that I had dreaded coming back to since I first witnessed what lay ahead. The two elevators were still there. The one on the right still looked completely normal; you couldn't even tell that it was a meat slicer, and the one on the left still gave off the chilly temperature that made me shudder. But I'm not sure if it was the temperature that made me shiver, or if it was the fact that I knew the blond girl was about to die a horrible death.

Ace dragged the struggling girl by her hair over to the elevator on the left while we stopped in the middle of the hall and watched everything with wide eyes. He threw her into the frosty elevator and immediately closed the accordion closing door on her and locked it shut.

Mia cringed away from the freezing metal floor and got to her feet. From where I was I could see her feet turning a bright pink and puffs of smoke leave her mouth from the temperature. She moved towards the gate and bashed her hands against it, tears continuing to drip off her face.

"Let me out," she pleaded with an amused-faced Ace. "Please! I won't do it again."

Ace didn't say anything. He just watched her beg for a moment longer before inching closer to the lever on the side of the elevator.

This all gave me a bad case of Deja Vu. Was this elevator gonna go down and rip her to pieces like the other one did to that boy?

Ace pulled the lever down and the metal started up and started turning, muffling the girl's screams just as it had done to the boy. Her screeches soon became twice as loud as the elevator started to make its descent down into the unknown.

I looked over to my right and made eye contact with a wide eyed Willow before staring back and seeing that the girl was nearly out of sight.

Her hands were the only things visible until they weren't. She had now vanished, the only things left were her screams for help that were still very much audible.

Ace put the lever in neutral and the sound of the elevator soon stopped. I could now make out almost every word that escaped Mia's mouth as she called up for someone to get her out of there.

"Alright," Ace took his hand off the lever and made his way closer to us, "we'll just leave her down there overnight and check on her tomorrow." His eyes traveled over all of ours as he smiled a wide grin. "Well, I suppose I should get the rest of you to your room. There's a few things I must do to prepare for tomorrow and you must be exhausted."

Ace gestured with a hand down the hallway that we had taken to get there and then dropped it, taking a few steps towards the way to the sleeping quarters. "C'mon let's go."

I glanced once more towards the way Mia had disappeared down and then followed Ace. I could hear her continuing to call out all the way down the hall as we grew further and further away from her. 

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