Chapter 4

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Deku opened his eyes slightly, the bright light shining into his eyes made him wince. He struggled to sit up, noticing a stranger in front of him.

"Oh? I see that you're awake?"_ The person turned her back, facing him. It was a young girl, about his age. He was about to ask who she was, but before the words could escape, he was stopped by a burning pain in his throat.

"Don't say anything, it's only bad for you. I'll explain later, of course when all of you're awake."_ She pointed in the other direction, where he realized his friends were lying on hospital bed. Well, not all of them were there.

"Here, drink this. It will ease the pain in your throat"_ Saying that, she took out a small pill and gave it to him. He hesitated at first, but then accepted it anyway.

"Most of those people have already been cured, but as for those two, we haven't finish getting all the poison out, but I'm sure that they'll be awake within 5 minutes. Anyways, can you perhaps tell me who those two people are, if you don't mind?"

"Well, the one with short purple hair is Jiro, and the other one is...Iida."- He was quite surprised that she could be so calm when talking to a stranger, but then also answer her question. And he had to admit, that pill really soothed his throat.

"Very well. You should change, I don't think you want to stay here forever."_ She gave a small smile, then walked away to the others, leaving him alone. 

'Who is she?'

That question kept swirling around in Deku's mind. After changing his clothes, he quietly sat on the bed and thought about what had happened. First, they were sent by Aizawa-sensei to have training at a new place. Then there was an explosion and Aizawa-sensei went to check. Then Denki finds a glowing sphere, they are surrounded by a black force field and there is a black hole emitting toxic gas. Then everyone fainted, but in the end they were here and a girl they had never met came to talk to them, then left without even looking back.

...To be honest with himself, he really had no words to describe about this incident.

"Are you done?"_ A voice suddenly sounded, Deku jerked his head up. In front of him was the girl.

"Hurry up, the other two are awake. I still have to take you guys to see him."_ She said.

"I'll wait for you outside."

'Him? Who is that?'- Another question appeared in the boy's mind. He stood up and walked towards the door.


"Midoriya, do you know who she is?" Iida asked.

"Eh? Well, I don't know yet. Even where she leads us, I have no clue about that."

Deku and Iida were discussing together, while Jiro attentively observed the girl walking ahead. Until now, they have been following the girl for about 30 minutes and still have not arrived. Suddenly, the girl turned around.

"We're here."_ She said softly, in front of her was an iron door. She opened the door, and the sound inside immediately spread out. Well, it looks like everyone is having a good conversation. 

All eyes immediately fell on Deku and the other two, the curious and surprise faces immediately turning to cheerful (not all of them, of course..). They hugged each other, asked each other how they were, what they were feeling, bla bla bla...

"Okay everyone, that's touching but please, stop it."_ Hearing what the other girl said, the crowd immediately fell silent, without a sound.

"Alright. Now, can anyone introduce their names please?"

"I'm Ochaco Uraraka. Nice to meet you!"_ Uraraka mustered up the courage to introduce the first name.

"I'm Kaminari Denki!"

"Ejiro Kirishima! Nice to meet you!"

"I'm Iida Tenya!"

"Ashido Mina!"

"Yaoyorozu Momo."

"Tsuyu Asui."

"Jiro Kyoka. Pleasure to meet you I guess.."

"I'm Izuku Midoriya! Nice to meet you!"

"The name's Shoto Todoroki.."

"Katsuki Bakugou. Now where the f*ck are we?!"

'Rude much...'- The girl thought.

"Thank you for introducing yourself. You can call me... 


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