Chapter 19 - Hues of Violet

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The queen was dressed in purple. 

Completely purple.

Queen Arachna's dark purple dress flowed all the wall to the ground, with even more different shaded purple layers of heavy silk cascading from her waist. Her hair was completely covered by a tight royal purple headscarf, and on her head was a crown of black jewels.

Queen Arachna looked like a queen.

She looked beautiful.

And intimidating.

The queen's skin was pale as snow, and her thin lips red as blood. Arched, thin eyebrows framed her reddish-purple eyes. A tarantula spider sat on her shoulder, four giant eyes staring, like bottomless black pits.

Alana almost forgot to greet the queen.

"Peace," Alana tried to hold her voice steady, raising the back of her hand to her forehead. 

The gesture turned out weird and wobbly.

But on the plus side, at least she didn't fall down and get bitten by a certain spider.

Queen Arachna raked Alana over with piercing eyes the color of an evening sunset.

Alana sucked in a breath. It was like being in the principal's office all over again.

Finally, the queen's red lips broke into a wide smile.

"Welcome to my residence, Alana." Queen Arachna swept an arm around the room. The room was possibly the biggest Alana had ever been in, probably the size of a few football fields. A chandelier made from REAL DIAMONDS hung from the ceiling, like the place was a five star hotel or something.

Well, technically, it was.

Alana turned back to Queen Arachna.

The queen staring intently at her.

Queen Arachna averted her eyes.

She cleared her throat.

"I've heard many things about you, Alana," Queen Arachna's voice said softly, but brimming with authority. "Now let's see what you can do."

"What do yo—"


A bolt of purple lightning narrowly missed Alana's ear.

Alana's eyes widened.


Queen Arachna smiled, toying with her scepter, that was pulsing with purple light.

"Just a warm up," she said, eyes glinting.

Alana mouth dropped open.

How am I meant to take on the queen of Audoria? Especially when my magic... is

Alana cut off the thought.

Positive thoughts. Think positive thoughts.

She looked up at Queen Arachna, who was looking expectantly at her, an eyebrow raised.

If the queen wanted to see what she could do, then she was asking for it.

Alana narrowed her eyes, brushing a strand of auburn hair behind her ear.

Bring it on.

The queen smiled proudly, then took her place directly opposite Alana.

"On the count of three," Queen Arachna said.



Bolts of purple lightning rained down on Alana.

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